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Hope - Who Am I To Say
Love of my life, my soulmate
You′re my best friend
Part of me like breathing
Now half of me is left
Hope - Bring Me Flowers
I haven’t got a clue if you’re the one
But I like you
And ooh I like how you make me feel
I wanna do this right
Hope - Lonely Highway
I don′t wanna walk this road alone
Don′t wanna carry anybody else′s......
Nobody told me what the future holds
Guess I better get on the road
Hope - Lighthouse
I wanna sing While the ocean sleeps
I wanna feel what it′s like to be free
I wanna see what you see in me
I wanna know how it feels to believe
Hope - My Greatest Memory
Today was the best day of my life
I found a road back to remind me of you
The world keeps turning over
Wish I could have you closer
Hope - I Wish You Were Here
Snowflakes are falling outside my window
But It′d be just perfect with you
Children are singing, and sleighbells are......
But it′d be just perfect with you
Hope - The Rain Don′t Last
Mmmm... Mmm... oohhmmm...
Could it be the world′s gone colder?
Maybe, I′m a losing soul
The more I try it just gets harder

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