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Hoobastank - Gone Gone Gone
I′ve been having trouble looking in......
′Cause when I do I can′t stand......
All though my face is still the same......
From all the shit you′ve said and done......
Hoobastank - The first of me
I must make a choice
A tough decision
Listen to my voice?
Should I give in
Hoobastank - The reason
I′m not a perfect person
There′s many things I wish I......
But I continue learning
I never meant to do those things to you
Hoobastank - Too little too late
I′ve been so long in waiting
Putting my life on hold for this
Chance to live out my dreams
You think you know what I should
Hoobastank - If Only
I thought it wasn′t wrong
to hide from you the simple truth
I was scared
I felt it all along,
Hoobastank - My turn
I have been patiently waiting in line
Watching everyone passing me by
And I can′t seem to figure out
When′s it going to be My Turn?
Hoobastank - Stuck Without a Voice
In just a minute, there′s something......
I′m clear-headed but confused
Because I thought that it would help me......
What I want and what I should
Hoobastank - So Close, So Far
I wake up all alone, somewhere unfamiliar.
Been gone so many days, I’m losing count.
When I think of home, I see your face.
I know I have to wait…
Hoobastank - Just One
[Verse 1]
I wanna live, i wanna leave, i wanna open up......
i wanna go, i wanna be, i wanna feel it......
gotta show, gotta say, ive gotta feeling......
Hoobastank - Ready for you
Ready for You
Go on
Make me feel it′s useless
When in fact it′s you that need to......
Hoobastank - If I Were You
You seem to find the dark when everything is......
You look for all that′s wrong instead......
Does it feel good to you to rain on my......
You never say a word unless it′s to......
Hoobastank - Say The Same
We′ve walked together down this......
In search of something true. Together we......

But now our journey has come to an end,
Hoobastank - Let you know
I just thought that I′d let you know
That although I′m far
I′m close to you within
And all the time spent by your side
Hoobastank - Good Enough
I only wanted you to feel
How I thought you deserved to feel
The way you always said you wanted to
You wanted all we have to be real
Hoobastank - Foot in Your Mouth
I recognize that typical, cynical smile you......
I can hear you telling everyone about the......
You′re the one with all of the friends
But none are real cause you′re a......
Hoobastank - Without A Fight

WAKE UP, our life is calling! We′re......
Give us a sign that we′re alive!
Hoobastank - Out of control
I’ve done everything as you say
I’ve followed your rules without question
I thought it would help me see things......
But instead of helping me to see
Hoobastank - Karma Patrol
Stolen a bike, take it for a ride
Commit a crime, thought you got away
Pick on a kid, only half the size
Karma patrol′s gonna set it straight
Hoobastank - Sick Of Hanging On
First you tell me it′s over,
Then you try to get me to stay.
I′m so confused,
What am I gonna do?
Hoobastank - Escape
Another day goes without any change
The feeling we live with still remains
Were stuck in a hole and were searching for......
There has to be somewhere that we can be......
Hoobastank - Let It Out
This is ours; we made it with our......
Something real, as real as it could ever be
You gave me all of yourself; I gave you all......
Now set it free from yourself, for everyone......
Hoobastank - Unaffected
[1st verse:]

There never seems to be
Because what I believe
Hoobastank - Can I Buy You a Drink
Once two individuals walked in a room
One looked at the other but he doesn′t......
He′d better figure out his plan so
If he succeeds, he′ll get what he......
Hoobastank - The Letter
"Meet me there at midnight
Same place we always go
I′m absolutely sure he doesn′t......
Those words jump off the letter
Hoobastank - Tears Of Yesterday
I write your name in my breath on the window
Sit and watch as it fades away
The painful memories
Of the tears of yesterday
Hoobastank - Better
Just when I thought that I was better
I realized that I don′t know what......
Is it.........
Hoobastank - The Dance That Broke My Jaw
Hey man, I saw you standing there
You were bobbing your head to the beat as......
Oh so tight
No fear in your eyes, and also on your shirt......
Hoobastank - Earthsick
Rotate your point of view
Concrete surrounds you
It used to be a field where we all played
Suspend your disbelief
Hoobastank - Remember me
I stand here face to face
With someone that I used to know ,
He used to look at me and laugh.
But now he claims
Hoobastank - Never There
I’m filling up inside like I need to open......
But I’ll just get denied and I all I wanted......

Every time that I need you around you’re......

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