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Hollywood Undead - Pain
[iTunes Bonus Track]

The necks of this youth
With their necks through this noose
Hollywood Undead - Christmas In Hollywood
[Funnyman as Santa Claus]
[Tha Producer and Charlie Scene]
It′s Christmas in Hollywood
Hollywood Undead - Young
We are young!
We are far
Born in this world as it all falls apart
We are strong
Hollywood Undead - Turn Off The Lights
(feat. Jeffree Star)

[Jeffree Star:]
This is Jeffree fuckin′ Star
Hollywood Undead - California
Get, get, get drunk lets
Get, get, get drunk lets
Get, get, get drunk lets
Get, get, get...
Hollywood Undead - I Must Be Emo
Dear Diary, Mood: Apathetic
My life is spiraling downward
I couldn′t get enough money to go to......
It sucks because they play some of my......
Hollywood Undead - No. 5
Hollywood we′re never going down [x3]

And all the kids in the hood come and wave......
Hollywood Undead - This Love, This Hate
In a time of need only few can see......
millions tend to crawl but only those who......
only few can sing like lions ′cause we......
and we′ve got each others backs until......
Hollywood Undead - Black Dahlia
I loved you, you made me, hate me.
You gave me hate see?
It saved me and these tears are deadly.
You feel that?
Hollywood Undead - Undead
Hollywood Undead - The Kids
[Intro - Tha Producer]
Scene kids, ghetto jeans, gangsta′s,......
cleanest feel

Hollywood Undead - The Natives
[Smartpunk Bonus Track]

[Tha Producer:]
Seems like everyones got their beef
Hollywood Undead - No Other Place
Oh! Shake it, baby!
Funny Man! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
Los Angeles!
Undead, let′s go!
Hollywood Undead - Bitches
Bitches I hope you know,
Bitches I hope you know,
Bitches I hope you know
I won′t stop ′til I hit that ho,......
Hollywood Undead - Scene For Dummies
[Intro - Da Kurlzz]
What! Yo, this is Da Kurlzz, bitch!
We ain′t just a gang, motherfucker,......
Yo check it! This is my boy, Tha Producer!
Hollywood Undead - Knife Called Lust
[Hot Topic Bonus Track]

[Shady Jeff:] Lets go right now!
Hollywood Undead - The Diary
[deuce - intro/chorus x2]
Cus I don′t wanna be like this
I′ve been runnin these streets
for too long now
Hollywood Undead - Sell Your Soul
I′m holding on so tightly now.
My insides scream so loud.
They keep watching, watching me drown.
How did it come to this?
Hollywood Undead - Dead In Ditches
That’s when we, that’s when we, that’s when......
That’s when we, that’s when we ride on these......

[Tha Producer: chorus]
Hollywood Undead - Paradise Lost
So watch my chest heave
as this last breath leaves me
I am trying to be
what you′re dying to see
Hollywood Undead - City
(Lets watch it burn) [X2]
Lets watch this city burn the world
Lets watch this city burn
From the sky over top the world
Hollywood Undead - The Loss
[Indie Store Bonus Track]

Sick with myself, but I′ve got no one......
So I give it to myself it′s the only......
Hollywood Undead - Bottle And A Gun
It was once a dark lonely summer′s eve......
On the lonely streets of Sunset
When the lord called upon 7 crazy......
Hollywood Undead - Everywhere I Go
[Charlie Scene]
Everywhere I Go, Bitches always know
That Charlie Scene has got a weenie that he......
Everywhere I Go, Bitches always know
Hollywood Undead - Pimpin′
Come on, everybody throw your hands up in......
Come on lets...
And you know, we keep the party......
So lets keep those 40s comin′

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