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Him - Beautiful
Just one look into your eyes
One look and I′m crying
′Cause you′re so beautiful
Just one kiss and I′m alive
Him - In Joy and Sorrow
Oh girl we are the same
We are young and lost and so afraid
Thereґs no cure for the pain
No shelter from the rain
HIM - Borellus
Essential Salts of animals
May be so prepared and preserved,
That an ingenious man may have the whole
Ark of Noah in his own
HIM - Vampire Heart
You can′t escape the wrath of my heart
Beating to your funeral song
All faith is lost and hell regained
In the dust of the wrath of shame
HIM - Heartache Every Moment
From lashes to ashes
And from lust to dust
In your sweetest torment I’m lost
And no heaven can help us
HIM - In the Night Side of Eden
Divided we stand in light of a frozen sun
Cursing the gods we have become
We steal the fire from a sacred heart
And bleed the wine unholy
HIM - Under the Rose
I dream of the winter in my heart turning to......
While the ice gives way under my feet
And so I drown with the sun

HIM - Join Me In Death
baby join me in death
baby join me in death
baby join me in death

Him - Killing Loneliness
Memories, sharp as daggers
Pierce into the flesh of today
Suicide of love took away all that matters
And buried the remains in an unmarked grave......
HIM - The Foreboding Sense of Impending......
By your heartstrings I am hanging from a......
Gently swinging in the warm autumn breeze

Come look at the scars
Him - The Sacrament
I hear you breathe so far from me
I feel your touch so close and real
And I know my church is not of silver and......
It′s glory lies beyond judgement of......
HIM - The Heartless
Your pain ain′t love
Can′t you see he′s the heartless
Your pain is not love
He′s taking it too far
HIM - Venus (In Our Blood)
Her Heaven′s a lie to those who threw......
Her God is alive and well when the higher......
And you can′t bend the river of her......
Or understand the divine words she speaks
HIM - Heaven tonight
I hold your hand in mine
I hold your hand and you′re so lonely
Oh so lonely
Your eyes have lost their light
HIM - And Love Said No
In love’s light blue
Let me be you
Filling the emptiness
That have become my home
Him - Scared To Death
In the biblical sense and sensibility
let me know you
I′ll kiss that smile off your face
just say when
HIM - Like St. Valentine
In the name of love lost I′m frozen to......
come build me a bridge soaked in gasoline......

Hey baby let me be your Valentine, St.......
HIM - Rebel Yell
Last night a little dancer came......

Last night my little angel came......

HIM - Love In Cold Blood
Serpentine love′s thighs wrap around......
Drenched in blood the adored and beloved......

Love in cold blood
HIM - Ikkunaprinsessa
Naisiin ei voi pieni poikanen luottaa
Ne suuren ikävän pieneen......
Mut kun ikkunaa tuijottaa kai pienikin poika......
Sieltä katsoo prinsessa unelmain
HIM - Our Diabolikal Rapture
In our diabolikal rapture we live on and on
And death keeps knocking at our door
So we open the door and we die a bit more
We′re in love with death and we die on......
HIM - Solitary Man
Belinda was mine ′til the time
that I found her holdin′
Jim and lovin′ him .

HIM - Drunk on Shadows
Hiding underneath
The veil of broken dreams
We find her weeping

HIM - Salt In Our Wounds
Here we are
In the maelstrom of Love
Waiting for the calm
To soothe our hearts
Him - The Path
There is no turning back
From this unending path of mine
Serpentine and black
It stands before my eyes
HIM - The 9th Circle
Is it so hard to believe the hearts are made......
Can′t you see that the beauty of love......
Don′t you want our hearts to be torn......
HIM - Paratiisi
Kun mä sinut kohtasin oli ilta ihanin......
lauloi ja kimmelsi taivaan kuu
Sinä sanoit menkäämme maalle......
mietin, nyt juttu tää onnistuu
Him - Gone with the sin
I love your skin oh so white
I love your touch cold as ice
And I love every single tear you cry
I just love the way you′re losing end......
HIM - Love You Like I Do
On my heart I′ll bear the shame
No prayer can ease the pain
No one will love you
No one will love you the way I do
HIM - In Venere Veritas
Let′s fall apart together now

Zipping cupid in a body bag well-worn
Next to the mausoleum he was born in

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