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Hard-Fi - Bring It On
Don’t write cheques that you can’t cash
You’ve been telling lies and you’re gonna......
The music’s loud try to forget, the things......
Try to lose myself into the crowd, people......
Hard-Fi - Better Do Better
You′re back, sitting on my doorstep,
ah yeah like nothing happened.
Telling me you′re free and oh,
can you see me again?
Hard-Fi - Cash Machine
Go to a cash machine
To get a ticket home
Message on the screen
Says don′t make plans, you′re......
Hard-Fi - Suburban Knights
Suburban days, they last so long,
In shop and office,
We sing our song we all sing...

Hard-Fi - Help Me Please
There′s no light in the hall,
There′s no sound here at all,
Emptiness, emptiness rules,
I don′t wanna come home?
Hard-Fi - We Need Love
In Birmingham, in London - what we need now......
Not hate and fear, blood and tears - what we......

Walking down my street tonight, west London......
Hard-Fi - Little Angel
When I′m lonely, deep in the city at......
Nobody near me except that red neon light,
I get down on my knees and I pray,
There you are darling, bring salvation......
Hard-Fi - Tied Up Too Tight
Oh where I come from
I just don′t conform
Get me out of here!
Leave the boredom behind
Hard-Fi - Living For The Weekend
Oh, I′ve been working a week,......
Yeah, I′ve been working a week and......
Just living for the weekend

Hard-Fi - Hard To Beat
I′ve seen you darling, seen you......
You in a short skirt, shining eyes of deep......
You had a dirty look, you caught me on your......
Turn up the thermostat, I want to see you......
Hard-Fi - Gotta Reason
Hung around here long enough
I′ve seen the smooth, but only caught......
I′ve got no reason
Ooh no, I got no reason.
Hard-Fi - Middle Eastern Holiday
I′ve got to go, but what a prize to......
Package deal to the sun, everything is......
where bullet holes scar the minarets
smoke on the horizon a beautiful sunset
Hard-Fi - I Shall Overcome
New day dawning, I wonder what it holds for......
Sun is shining, I Don′t think that it......
I look around, nothing seems to have......
This dirty town, it hasn′t some how......
Hard-Fi - You And Me
I have my problems, I have my share
I can′t see anyway out, I think......
But then I see you, I wanna kiss you,
I can′t explain it away - I think I......
Hard-Fi - Stars Of CCTV
And every move that I make
Gets recorded to tape
So somebody up there
Can keep me safe
Hard-Fi - Move On Now
Baby, Baby i think its time we move on now
Baby, Baby i think its time we move on now

Looking out my bedroom window
Hard-Fi - I Close My Eyes
I fall out of bed, Put my head in the sink,
Cold water on my face, Brings me back to the......
I′ve got to get to work, You know......
The boss is on my back, The boss is in my......
Hard-Fi - The King
In this town, I used to be the king here,
Now I don′t mean a thing here, Where......

I look around, and no one knows my face......
Hard-Fi - Unnecessary Trouble
You take it easy
You have your reasons
Sometimes it eats you inside
It feels like treason
Hard-Fi - Tonight
Tonight, tonight I′m gonna take whats......
tonight, tonight under that bright neon......
And if I ever find a way right out of here,
Tonight, tonight I′m gonna disappear.
Hard-Fi - Television
Life means nothing, when no one knows your......
I never had too much but I′d give it......
Baby, baby...

Hard-Fi - Feltham Is Singing Out
It started off alright
We′d go out Friday night
And have a drink and do whatever made us......
We′d stay out all weekend
Hard-Fi - Watch Me Fall Apart
You dumb ass fool, you lost it all,
You had your chance but moved too slow,
Now look around this lonely town,
Where every smiling face just brings you......
Hard-Fi - Can′t Get Along (Without You)
Well I walked out, cos I had some plans,
Yea I walked out, destiny in my own hands,
I thought I′d get by without you oh I,
Thought I′d survive without you

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