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Bad Magick

Does it feel so bad when you′re taking a drag
And when you′re looking at the world with dying eyes?
When you stare at it dead and you′re giving it head
...and all those things you say you love never come alive.
If it feels so bad...
Bad magick playing off of me.
Oh no, I don′t wanna be your friend.
Bad magick laying into me.
Oh no...
I don′t wanna hear it again.
When you get so high that you′re wanting to die
...but everything around you is turning green.
When you′re getting so low
...and I know you′ve been feeling like a dried out leaf in a summer breeze.
I don′t like it!
Getting back
Back on track

Испонитель: Godsmack
Название песни: Bad Magick

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