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Drowning Pool - 37 Stitches
Do you see me, Sittin here
Waiting for you, To say anything
Head hung low, Kickin stones down
Kickin stones ,Down the road to hell now
Drowning Pool - All Over Me
Something I just might regret
Something you will not forget
Maybe I should throw away
Everything I′ve learned today
Drowning Pool - Feel Like I Do
I got too many needs
And the brand new scar
So come along time
Just to see how far
Drowning Pool - Mute
Shouldn′t have that far to go (that......
The less you think the more you know

It seems the dream is impossible (3x)
Drowning Pool - The Game
Time to play the Game
Time to play the Game
Time to play... THE GAME!

Drowning Pool - Bodies
Let the bodies hit the floor
Let the bodies hit the floor
Let the bodies hit the floor
Let the bodies hit the floor
Drowning Pool - Pity
My life served on a plate
For all of you to eat
Take my love and hate
But what is this inside of me
Drowning Pool - Sinner
Bend me shape me misdirect me
It′s all the same to me
Look at all this useless talk
Upon the cross
Drowning Pool - Rise up
I will sit right here and bide my time
As long as it takes to get what′s......

And I won′t be denied
Drowning Pool - Tear Away
I′m tearing away
Pieces are falling I can′t seem to......
You run away
Faster and faster you can′t seem to......
Drowning Pool - Reborn
Hands raised full of sin, this is where the......
As my halo, I′m scarred by where......

This aint over, till it′s over
Drowning Pool - I Am
I′ve never felt so alive
I′ve never had to run and hide
The things I want I cannot have
The things I need are all so bad
Drowning Pool - Full Circle
The praise leaves me
Feeling empty
I wrap it inside
A broken frown...
Drowning Pool - No More
Your words, have crippled me
Crippled me
Crippled me
My mind, has blinded me
Drowning Pool - Step Up
Yeah, you′ve been living on the edge......
Yeah, that′s the only thing......
Drowning Pool - Hate
Burry the priest and burn religion alive
Baptize at birth with the black......
The uncrowned king unholy
Forget about the crucifix
Drowning Pool - Enemy
The words you used were mine, used a......
Doesn′t make them what I′ve bled
I hated you, I loathed you
Though felt, I never let the words begin to......
Drowning Pool - This Life
And when it′s cold out
I will wait for her
And I will roam out
To the edges of the earth
Drowning Pool - Think
And just before you fade out to
I will hold a place for you

Do you rememeber when we used to
Drowning Pool - Forget
I can see it your eyes
Why you′re here tonight
Lookin′ for that something sacred......
You know there must be some way
Drowning Pool - Soldiers

On your feet, who′s with me
On your feet, who′s with me Right
Drowning Pool - More Than Worthless
I′m down to one last cigarette,
It perhaps two steps left,
Please, God, don′t make me feel it......
Drowning Pool - Love and War
Promise that you always will
Keep candles lit on the windowsill
You know I′ll be comin′ home

Drowning Pool - Regret
I′ve seen pictures of a bright sun......
And I know it
I′ve heard stories of a child not yet......
So well, I remember this
Drowning Pool - Shame

Straight through you
I burn, I burn
Drowning Pool - Paralyzed
I can feel the rain drops (the rain drops)
Running down my back, the words you used to......
You ruin me
And I remember the rain in my eyes the day......
Drowning Pool - Told You So
It took some time to realize
All the bullshit in my eyes
Until I got away from you
And then I guess you thought that......
Drowning Pool - Numb
To the man looking back at me
Said why don′t you go away
We′ve all heard your misery
You′ve been bleeding it for days end
Drowning Pool - Cast Me Aside
So you think that you got it all figured out
I told you, you′ve got no clue what it......
Now you want to cling to the next big thing
Be part of the scene and ride the big......
Drowning Pool - Nothingness
And this blood on my hands
No it won′t go away
I′ve been out on this road for days

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