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Drop Dead, Gorgeous - тексты песен

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Drop Dead, Gorgeous - It Sounded Like An......
Soaked in blood, only to be sterilized.
Served alive, I want to be traumatized.

Don′t tell, don′t tell.
Drop Dead, Gorgeous - Love Is Murder
I′ll be your Romeo. You′ll be my......
You′ll be so beautiful, So charming.
Lying dead in my room.
I lost touch with my hand, and the knife in......
Drop Dead, Gorgeous - Red Or White Wine?
Nothing′s the same,
Fading away,
Fading away.
Nothing′s the same,
Drop Dead, Gorgeous - Dressed For Friends......
See through the wreckage!
Into the fire!
Inside my heart!

Drop Dead, Gorgeous - Its Pretty Hard To......
Go tell this town I′ve built them all......
As for this face, best be forgotten.

"Baby, baby, I′ve got a reason to......

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