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Dream Theater - The Mirror (текст песни)

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The Mirror

Why won′t you leave me alone?
Lurking Every Corner, everywhere I go

Self Control-
Don′t turn your back on me now
When I need you the most

Constant pressure tests my will
My will or my won′t
My Self Control escapes from me still...

"What′re you doing?" [Sample is Robert DeNiro from the film "Falling In
How could you be so cruel
and expect my faith in return?

Is not as hard as it seems
When you close the door

I spent so long trusting in you
I trust you forgot
Just when I thought I believed in you...

"What′re you doing? [Sample is Meryl Streep from the film "Falling In Love".]
What′re you doing?"

It′s time for me to deal
Becoming all too real
living in fear-
Why did you lie and pretend?
This has come to an end
I′ll never trust you again
It′s time you made your amends
Look in the mirror my friend

"That I haven′t behaved as I should" [Sample is Jeremy Irons from the film
"Everything you need is around you. [Sample is Mary Beth Hurt from the film "Light
The only danger is inside you."

"I thought you could control life, [Sample is Jeremy Irons from the film
but it′s not like that. There are
things you can′t control."

Let′s stare the problem right in the eye
It′s plagued me from coast to coast
Racing the clock to please everyone
All but the one who matters the most

Reflections of reality
are slowly coming into view
How in the hell could you possibly forgive me?
After all the hell I put you through

It′s time for me to deal
Becoming all too real
living in fear-
Why′d I betray my friend?
Lying until the end
Living life so pretend
It′s time to make my amends
I′ll never hurt you again

@ Dream Theater

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Испонитель: Dream Theater
Название песни: The Mirror
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