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Drake Bell - Soul Man (текст песни)

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Soul Man

Comin′ to ya
On a dusty road
Good lovin′
I′ve got a truck load
And when you get it
You got somethin′
So don′t worry
′Cause I′m comin′

I′m a soul man
I′m a soul man
I′m a soul man
I′m a soul man

Got what I got
The hard way
And I′ll make better
Each and every day
So honey
Now don′t you fret
′Cause you ain′t seen
Nothin′ yet

I′m a soul man
I′m a soul man
I′m a soul man
I′m a soul man

Now grab the rope
And I′ll pull you in
Give you hope
And be your only boyfriend

I′m a soul man
I′m a soul man
I′m a soul man
I′m a soul man
You′re a soul man
I′m a soul man

@ Drake Bell

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Испонитель: Drake Bell
Название песни: Soul Man
Количество просмотров: 111
Количество сообщений: 0

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