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Drake Bell - Everything Is Gonna Be Ok
Was 2 A.M. on a 2 way street in the middle......
I′ve been walkin′ around since......
just waitin′ for something to happen.
And I wish I could make the world move a......
Drake Bell - Do What You Want
People, around the world say I′m......
But I can say I′m not a quitter
And you can′t
And people
Drake Bell - Circles
Here we are at this party
Everything is going down
Music′s playing loud
Keep the pressure off my coffee table
Drake Bell - Leave It All to Me
I know you see
Somehow the world will change for me
And be so wonderful

Drake Bell - Up periscope
If I could have a single wish, I′d......
happy when you steal a little kiss before......
you′re creeping out of bed I sneak a......
Drake Bell - Somehow
She stares at the moon
Her rhythms out of tune
Memories of the past
At the bottom of her glass
Drake Bell - Leave It All Behind
Until all the things I feel
Replace all the things you did
I will remain a stranger
In every place you hid
Drake Bell - Bob Dylan
How may roads must a man walk down
I wish I could write so profound
The words he spoke were blown in the wind
Pick up my air guitar and write like him
Drake Bell - End It Good
I′m overenjoyed like Mildred Davis and......
Cause baby, you′ve started something
And I′m gonna end it good.

Drake Bell - Down We Fall
You were so clever,
You kept it together today,
By the way, I′ll no longer ignore you,
I wanted to show you again, I′m your......
Drake Bell - I Know
All alone
Guess again
You′ve been known
To take the hand of any man
Drake Bell - Makes Me Happy
Well hello let′s go
Everybody must know
There′s love in my heart like a bomb
It′s blowing a song inside I′m......
Drake Bell - Fallen for You
The first time I saw you
I thought you were barefoot
Your hair was pulled back, your jelly shoes,......
About my age
Drake Bell - Break Me Down
Break me down enough I′ll take your......
And all your attitude
I would like for you to just decide
What you′re gonna do
Drake Bell - Girl Next Door
She may not be Marilyn Monroe
And she may not be the cutest girl I know
It′s how she makes me feel not how she......
One smile from her heart
Drake Bell - Telegraph
Tell a friend I′m leavin′
Heard you left
Drake Bell - See You Again
I kiss your eyes
I say goodnight
I love is pouring out to you

Drake Bell - I Found A Way
I never thought that it′d be so simple......
I found a way, I found a way
I always thought that it′d be too......
I found a way, I found a way
Drake Bell - Hollywood Girl
Are you putting in your songs?

Drake Bell - Lost A Lover
Lost a lover
Gained a friend
I can′t afford all the love that I......
You said you′d wait for me
Drake Bell - In the end
Wake up
It′s time to get your things together
And drive away
Breathe out
Drake Bell - Fool the World
Right in front of me
A couple makes what could melt the snow
Making fun of me
A single look never cut me so
Drake Bell - Rusted Silhouette
A rusted silhouette embracing burning......
A verbal avalanche is serving up your......
I said where′d you lose your mind
A brush with synergy, you cam back all......
Drake Bell - Highway To Nowhere
I′m tired of all your excuses
I′m tired of all your lies
Your filthy schemes and abuses
Ooh, I′ve finally grown wise
Drake Bell - Hey You
Well hey you
Haven′t seen you for awhile
And hey you
How I miss your smile
Drake Bell - Don′t preach
You say that I suck and I′m lousy,
You say I can′t write, not yet
You always told me how to be,
Now I′m sick of it,
Drake Bell - Soul Man
Comin′ to ya
On a dusty road
Good lovin′
I′ve got a truck load
Drake Bell - Are You For Real
Tell me girl are you for real
Everything you do is so surreal
When I′m with you it′s almost......
′Cause everything you do is so perfect......
Drake Bell - Bloody Holiday
Love is such a bloody holiday
It seems that every time that I give my......
It comes back to me
A little worse for wear
Drake Bell - Falling
When you′re feeling down
Gonna give up on life now
I′ll be right beside you
You′re feelin too much pain

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