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Doro - Shine On
Was later that night when I got the news
I couldn
Heard somebody say that you drove that night
An ice cold road, your last ride
Doro - ThunderSpell
Long time
I searched for gold in the heart of mine
And I feel all alone at night
Run for my life
Doro - Heaven I See
I look at you, Heaven I see
All that you do, Angel to me

You hold me when I
Doro - Haunted Heart
If you wanna see me
Just look for the darkest cloud
And the lightning crashing down
Doro - Love me in black
Didn′t they tell you the way that......
You asked god for a woman and ended up with......
Maybe I′ll love you, maybe I′ll......
We live in darkness I′ve pulled you......
Doro - Creep into My Brain
Laying low on money
And I
I can lean on
Doro - In Liebe und Freundschaft
Wohin du auch gehen magst
so lang wie ich leb
wird Dich lieben wie jeden Tag
so lang wie es geht
Doro - My Majesty
No one you can trust or call
No one who you think is pure
Not much that you
Doro - Warrior Soul
The times are so weird, the people here
Feel constant fear and danger
They need to be saved before it
In the eyes of every stranger
Doro - Above The Ashes
Rise and take a stand
Standing hand in hand
Above the ashes
Doro - 1999
I met you on a rainy night
Back in 1999
I truly felt my heart was yours
And I know your love was mine
Doro - You′re My Family
Everyone hurts, everyone bleeds
With all this pain right underneath
All we need is holding on
We got the key to carry on
Doro - Angel in the Dark (Bonus Track)
I always used to dread the dark
It reminded me of my empty heart
The Lonely nights brought so much pain
times I thought I would go insane
Doro - Strangers Yesterday
Strangers yesterday…
….together we belong

Born in a world we don’t wanted

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