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Dope - Debonaire
i don′t need diamond rings or high......

limousines and flashy things or ancient......
designer names and lavish things and million......
Dope - Slipping Away
im tryin hard to understand
im tryin hard to do the things it takes to......
lifes slipping away and its not the way i......
lifes slipping away and its not the way i......
Dope - Paranoia
You say I′m paranoid
Isn′t that what you said
You say it′s my imagination
And I′m fucked in the head
Dope - Crazy
Are you looking
Are you laughing at me
Are you reminiscing
Do you remember me
Dope - I am nothing
come on

you could say i am nothing
few could say i am nothing
Dope - Move It
Get up, get it out
And groove it, in and out
And move it, up and down
All you got to do is
Dope - Wake up
dissolved the life in me

you crawled inside of me
you wanted everything
Dope - Everything Sucks
if somebody′s askin′ i′ve......

yeah somebody′s packin′ and gone......
the summer was lovely i enjoyed my stay
Dope - Now or Never
What′d you go and do that for
I see the way you′re
Looking at me
And i don′t know why
Dope - Nothing (why)
I dreamt of all that we could be
And all the thing you couldn′t
I let you walk away from me
I guess there′s nothing left to say
Dope - Sick
here′s to tommorow baby

i′m feelin′ sick
complain the whole world′s angry
Dope - Spine for you
somethin′s wrong with my life and......

somethin′s hard on my mind, guess who
it′s tough to live with the lights on......
Dope - Thanks For Nothing
Give me a break
From your take and your take
Come on and give me a break
What do you want from me
Dope - With Or Without You
I′ll do my time and I won′t......
A broken glass a portrait of you
I play on keys of barely in tune
Forget the reasons I won′t resume
Dope - Take Your Best Shot
Go on and take your best shot
Blow them away

I don′t know why
Dope - What About...
Every time I go to bed
I hear the voices in my head
They say
What about me
Dope - Stop
Can′t you see that we are
Running out of time
I am dying but i will not die
Somebody save me from myself
Dope - Sing
Some people sing for life some people sing......
Some people sing to sing the songs that they......
Some people sing for broke some people sing......
Some people sing for hope some people sing......
Dope - One fix
about time, i don′t care how......

i know what you′ve got and i want it
long night, and i don′t want it to end
Dope - Shit life
simplistic, domestic, shit life,

processed to fit in place
pathetic, ascetic, shit life, depressed
Dope - Intervention
you′d like to take control of me

i′m not how you have hoped i′d......
for what you′re reaching out to me
Dope - Pig Society
polite to say that i drifted away and i......

along the way i′ve made mistakes but i......
if i told you twice i′d beat it, what......
Dope - America the Pitiful
thoughts of prison lying in my head

over visions dosing in my head
i′ve already lost much more than you......
Dope - Fuck tha police
fuck tha police comin′ straight from......

a mother fucker got it bad ′cause......
i′m not a carbon copy, some police......
Dope - Die MF Die
I don′t need your forgiveness
I don′t need your hate
I don′t need your acceptance
So what should I do
Dope - Kimberly′s ghost
i don′t know what makes me hard for......

i don′t know what i′m about to......
i don′t need this anymore
Dope - Jenny′s Cryin′
Just someone to hold and someone to hate
And something to blame for all the pain

I could ignore her

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