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Dolores O′Riordan - Stay With Me
I woke up this morning
And I walked down to the sea
I sat there on the long grass
Just staring at the sea
Dolores O′Riordan - Ordinary Day
This is just an ordinary day
Wipe the insecurities away
I can see that the darkness will erode
Looking out the corner of my eye
Dolores O′Riordan - Skeleton
I tried to face it
I tried to erase it
I tried to race it
I can′t erase it
Dolores O′Riordan - When We Were Young
Funny how things just tasted better
When we were young
When we were young

Dolores O′Riordan - October
October, October
The summer is over
I′m going through changes
I see you again
Dolores O′Riordan - In The Garden
I see you playing
In the garden

Outside my window
Dolores O′Riordan - Willow Pattern
Dreaming of the willow pattern
A phase I′m going through
Dreaming of the willow pattern
There’s something I should do
Dolores O′Riordan - Be Careful
I thought that he was insecure
But I don′t think so anymore
Think about what you′re living for
Now that you′ve opened up that door
Dolores O′Riordan - Black Widow
Finding solace
Finding solace somewhere
Seeking comfort
Seeking comfort somewhere
Dolores O′Riordan - Loser
I′m sick and tired of people like you
You think you′re clever but you......
(what can you do?)

Dolores O′Riordan - The Journey
When I was lost
I saw you pointing towards the sun
I know I am not the only one standing here
and in the darkness I was walking through......
Dolores O′Riordan - Human Spirit
Don′t let life consume you
It could eat you up inside
Can you see the human spirit?
Tell me why should I have to hide
Dolores O′Riordan - Without You
Nothing seems to be worth while without you
A part of my existence is not here without......

You have made your bed and you lie on it now
Dolores O′Riordan - It′s You
It′s you
It′s you
It′s you

Dolores O′Riordan - Sisterly Love
Sister, sister, it′s okay
We′ll come together in a place one day
The problem really was she wasn′t much......
There were so many kids in the family
Dolores O′Riordan - Ecstasy
I can feel a pleasure, that′s the pain
When I die, I died in vain
I can hear sweet temptations come
Come with me and we will fall
Dolores O′Riordan - Switch Off The......
Some mental anguish in my head, wake me up I......
Ignite a fire in my soul, a passing moment

Accumulating in my mind, are the thoughts I......
Dolores O′Riordan - Stupid
I can not erease this memory
Somethinglet It ... inside of me

Stupid, stupid
Dolores O′Riordan - Apple Of My Eye
As the days go by
The apple of my eye
I′ll always wait for you

Dolores O′Riordan - Lunatic
Do you follow me?
I think you′re losing your mind

Throw down your sword
Dolores O′Riordan - Accept Things
You seem to forget
The place that we met
Protected and warm
In the perfect storm
Dolores O′Riordan - Angel Fire
Another lonely night in December
(Jaweh, Jaweh, Jaweh)
It is the time of year people remember
(Jaweh, Jaweh)

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