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Die Krupps - To the Hilt (текст песни)

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To the Hilt

woke up - still in a dream
nothing′s the same
con′t pronounce my name
i open my mouth
words come out
that make no sense
for a stranger′s ear
in a foreign language
in a foreign land
now i′m a alien
on a different planet
it makes it clear - i understand
we are all strangers - in a foreign land

burn the bridges
forge ahead
to the hilt

back home i feel insane
nothing′s the same
except for my name
i open my mouth
words come out
that makes no sense
for my lover′s ear
in my native language
in my native land
i′m still the alien
on a different planet
it make it clear - i understand
i am a stranger - in my own land

burn the bridges
forge ahead
to the hilt

@ Die Krupps

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Испонитель: Die Krupps
Название песни: To the Hilt
Количество просмотров: 137
Количество сообщений: 0

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