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Количество произведений: 53.

Die Krupps - Isolation
Isolation is like serving time
except in this case I′ve done no crime
I choose to be alone to search my soul
to see if there is good in this heart with a......
Die Krupps - Inside Out
What happened to my life
What happened to my pride
I′m a victim of your love
I can′t cope with this world no longer
Die Krupps - Fatherland
i see houses burning
i′m ashamed
before you close your eyes denyingly
you better ask yourself
Die Krupps - To the Hilt
woke up - still in a dream
nothing′s the same
con′t pronounce my name
i open my mouth
Die Krupps - Alive
Where′s the hand that guided me
My cry within me is let me be
Crossing the endless seas of pain
Fighting against torrential rain
Die Krupps - Vortex
you sold your soul to a stranger
you confused life with danger
you made the wrong decision
forever being held in derision
Die Krupps - Doppelganger
We walk together
One as one
A new existence
Has begun
Die Krupps - Volle Kraft Voraus
Vor uns das Ziel
Keiner zoegert, keine Zeit
Alle Zeichen stehn auf Sturm
Volle Kraft voraus
Die Krupps - Beauty White Heat
laughing in the eye of needful decisions
creating bad blood teaching segregation
kills the revelation of truth overall
breeding conflict in minds that are small
Die Krupps - The Last Flood
Another day in the city of pain
Sharing the life of the mad and insane
I′m closing my eyes in awe of the......
I cover my ears in fear of their screams
Die Krupps - Metalmorphosis
Weak the body and the sould
Poor the body and the mind
Lost the vision as a whole
Shame and disgrace to the kind
Die Krupps - 30 Seconds
decisions have been made
by the heads of state
they cannot be revoked
the regrets came too late
Die Krupps - Crossfire
gunshots fill the air - salute our bliss
night bursts into flames - greets the final......
death comes without a sound - rings the......
target hits the ground - honeymoon in hell
Die Krupps - Iron Man
Go shed the old skin -
For the new skin
Let the old flesh -
Die Krupps - Goldfinger
Kraft! (power)
Look at Blackfinger
As he steals fromthe fight
Fingers are gold
Die Krupps - Gladiators
Working for life
Till death do us part
Living for work and no chance to hide

Die Krupps - Das Ende der Traume
Hier - das Ende der Traeume
Hier - wird das Boden endlich fest
Wir - machen Stein, auf dem wir stehn
Wir - haben Mut, jetzt selbst zu gehn
Die Krupps - Language of Reality
do you know the ABC
survival guide in real life
put it down in your dictionary

Die Krupps - Your Voice
This is your voice - why don′t you use......

Words are your breath - how can you hold it

Die Krupps - Shellshocked
like a hermit-unfounded
solitary but proud
i was hiding-behind fences
shutting myself out
Die Krupps - Behind
benefit from your pain
shelter yourself from relief
waste a moment to wash your dirty body
telephone a lonely friend who got caught......
Die Krupps - Metal Machine Music

Forget what shame is
(what) fear remorse and pain is
Die Krupps - Bloodsuckers
you suck out the oil
for the salt of the earth
you ravage the soil
Die Krupps - The Dawning of Doom
Back in black
But no heads are turning
Back in black
Noone came to see
Die Krupps - Zwei Herzen, ein Rhythmus
Schenk mir nicht nur Blicke
Und mehr als eine Nacht
Staerke meine Glieder
Und gib mir neue Kraft
Die Krupps - Rise up
Rise up-Hysteria
you have to ask yourself are you ready for......
is the faith in yourself or in somebody else
Rise up-Hysteria
Die Krupps - Paradise of Sin
in-a-gadda-da-vida baby
god is dead he lost the battle
the devil rules over life and death
feel his power, feel his wrath
Die Krupps - Full Circle
your life will be the mirror
that shows what you′ve become
the stage is set for trial
to show what you have done
Die Krupps - Disciples of Discipline
There′s no refuge
No place to hide
There′s no disguise
To cheat the eyes
Die Krupps - Neue Helden
Es aendert sich alles
Nichts, woran man glauben kann
Keinen Halt und heine Helfer
Etwas wirft uns aus der Bahn.

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