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Destroy The Runner - Sound of reason (текст песни)

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Sound of reason

I feel so weightless

Nothing inside is keeping me grounded

My self-decay brings tears to my eyes

Fingerprints of the dead descend on my window

I feel it′s all I see, I feel it′s breaking me

Haunting words of emptiness


(I′m not afraid) I′m not afraid, so take me

So take me, I feel it′s breaking me

(I′m not afraid) I′m not afraid, so take me

So take me, I′m dead inside, so save me

As a new campaign marches across the dead

In uniform with one vision: Delivering Our Children

Each step making a sound of reason

Breaking and burning caskets

Marching across the dead

@ Destroy The Runner

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Испонитель: Destroy The Runner
Название песни: Sound of reason
Количество просмотров: 96
Количество сообщений: 0

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