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Demon Hunter - Ribcage (текст песни)

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All hail the newborn sin
Reject the boundaries, soak the cancer in
Hope kills the filth you crave
So bleed the truth out, fall into that grave
Uphold the brand new skin
Accept the failure, refuse to rise above
Break through the ribcage
And tear the heart out from everyone you love

Over and over again
We′ll bury the shame underneath the lies we breathe
Over and over again
We′ll carry the blame for the hell that we can′t leave

Show me - The path that leads into your mind
Release - The thoughts you lock so deep inside
Show me - I′m the one who knew this pain
Release - Before you fall into this again

Behold the loyal slave
His rotting shell now a tomb where death can play
Seee now his pride caves in
Alone he fights to stop this dark decay
Feed, Feed the lust you need
And fainter grows each plea from skies above
Break through the ribcage
An tear the heart out from everyone you love

Building a life out of all that you hate
We see through the front that you tried to create
The world you had hoped for was only a fake
And just like the maggots that made you this way
I know

@ Demon Hunter

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Испонитель: Demon Hunter
Название песни: Ribcage
Количество просмотров: 103
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