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Demon Hunter - Carry me down
And if you see me losing ground
Don’t be afraid to lie
I know the pain inside my heart can’t break......
And if you see me losing faith
Demon Hunter - Infected
I still wonder when the medicine will take......
And the injection they made, it′s all......
I′ts hard to concentrate with echos of......
From all you said, im still paralyzed.
Demon Hunter - Ribcage
All hail the newborn sin
Reject the boundaries, soak the cancer in
Hope kills the filth you crave
So bleed the truth out, fall into that grave
Demon Hunter - the tide began to rise
I don′t belong here
I never saw this on the path I walk
The blood-stained walls, the lines of chalk......
Its getting so hard
Demon Hunter - Summer Of Darkness
I′ll be the one last breath before......
I′ll be the final glimpse of truth......
And if I shame your face, degrade your faith
I′ll be the first to hide behind......
Demon Hunter - A Broken Upper Hand
Trapped behind my state of mind, I took your......
And everything you′ve given just kills......
Your words swarm me through my soul like......
Eating away at any glimpse of focus.
Demon Hunter - My Heartstrings Come Undone
It′s buried deep with in the past, I......
It′s something I already chase, I......
I try to give it all away, but it′s......
It′s something I don′t wanna......
Demon Hunter - Coffin Builder
My life fell out of my hands and into
This hole where everything′s cold
I lose the feeling of guilt. There′s
nothing inside, my innocence died.
Demon Hunter - fading away
It′s in this wake that I find myself
Losing the will to resume this Hell
When every breath is a dying wish
It′s harder to follow the point of......

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