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Delain - Sever
Things that I thought I had put far behind
Find the mind, connect to sever
I felt deeply how my feelings combined
That it′s like, they′ll never......
Delain - On The Other Side
Will you wait?
I′m on the other side
The other side
Will you wait?
Delain - Frozen
Misted windows
Hide your empty eyes
Every moment, every whisper
Separates you from me
Delain - Go Away
Understand, you′ll never be
What they expect;
It′s out of reach
You′re not the kind
Delain - Invidia
My achievements seem so humble
While you′re making whine from water
While my hand work the cold soil
All you touch turns into gold
Delain - Start Swimming
I′m waiting for another day
I′m waiting for the clock to reach the......
I′m waiting for a holiday
I′m waiting for myself
Delain - Come Closer
[Bonus track]

I want to lay my head down
Come close, come closer
Delain - Silhouette Of A Dancer
My skin still burns
At all the places you′ve touched
So aware
You leave no place for hiding
Delain - Nothing Left
Nothing left to make you feel high
Nothing left to turn you on
Laughing in your childish disguise
You rule the night
Delain - Day For Ghosts
The livelong day there′s a voice in my......
Growing like fire, (it brings) scorn to my......
Time lengthens the night, and shortens the......
The ghosts I host don′t seem to go......
Delain - No Compliance
It feels so dangerous
I don′t know where you are
You can′t control my every move
Although you try so hard
Delain - Stay Forever
Silence in the living room
Hours feel like days
Silence when I speak to you
Your a thousands miles away
Delain - Virtue And Vice
Whatever the prophecy...
Whatever prosperity...

Heaven denied us it′s kingdom
Delain - Lost
It seems we have lost
Lay down your arrows
It won′t cause flaming hearts
It seems we have lost
Delain - Daylight Lucidity
Daylight lucidity
Streams through me
Let me dream
Out of this world, out of this world
Delain - The Gathering
The song that angels sing
The spell that calls, The Gathering
The magic that might bring,
Delain - Control The Storm
I can feel it grow
Starting like a little storm
Itching in my toes
But it′s will to take over
Delain - Pristine
Once upon the dawn
Day will break
It begins on time
Flowing while it′s glowing
Delain - Shattered
Encaged in a memory
Encaged in a prison of guilt
Surrounded by reproach
And everybody knows
Delain - See Me In Shadow
Standing in the shadow of our lies
To hide our imperfections
Doing anything we can to hide
Eyes wide open but still blind
Delain - Deep Frozen (bonus track)
[Bonus Track Edition]

Misted windows
Hide your empty eyes
Delain - Sleepwalker′s Dream
Close your eyes
For the night is falling
Fear no dark
For it′s warm and safe
Delain - I′ll Reach You
Remember when you walked out into the rain
The railroad and the sky were calling your......
Can you hear them whisper:
"Come and get lost with us"

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