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Deftones - Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)
This town dont feel mine
I′m fast to get away-FAR

I dressed you in her clothes
Deftones - Sextape
Floating on the water ever changing
Picture hours out from that
Into with all our dreams

Deftones - Change
I′ve watched you change
Into a fly
I looked away
You were on fire
Deftones - Diamond Eyes
To the edge
Till we all, get off

I will take, you away, with me
Deftones - Nosebleed
No means no lie now find out what you get -......
You′ll sit around and throw a f**kin......
We are here onto you
You′re so far - you′re f**kin......
Deftones - Hexagram
Paint the streets in white
death is the standard breach for a complex......
I think it′s sweet of you and your......
but I would expect it from anyone now to......
Deftones - 7 Words
I′ll never be the same, breaking......
Don′t be tree trunk, don′t fall......
I′ve been humming too many words, got......
That′s been stomped away from every......
Deftones - Head Up
Got back out
Back off the forefront
I never said or got to say bye to my boy
But it′s often I try I think about
Deftones - Lotion
i meant to come back to put out bliss
but the style is crumbling, covered canned
it was sick and no you dont even know how it......
shifts then gets ruined by you fucking slobs
Deftones - Around The Fur
hey vanity, this vile′s empty, so are......
hey glamorous, this vile′s not god......

speak, i don′t get it

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