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Def Leppard - Girl Like You
Boy meets girl in prime of life
Blinded by big city lights
I′m on fire and you′re the flame
You inspire the road i take
Def Leppard - Two Steps Behind
Walk away if you want to
It′s ok, if you need to
Well, you can run, but you can never hide
From the shadow that′s creeping up......
Def Leppard - Everyday
I gave in when you gave out
You showed me the way to love, there......
Always together and never apart
Disappeared, didn′t say a word
Def Leppard - Unbelievable
Hey, ahh
Ahh, yea yeah

Had your name all tattooed on my heart
Def Leppard - Blood Runs Cold
I heard this line one time ′bout......
But have you ever tried to save yourself
A wide-eyed suicide drive remains a fake
As if you′d ever, ever go and make......
Def Leppard - Now
I wanna know you better
Let′s spend some time together
I wanna be what′s on your mind
Look in my eyes, they′re calling
Def Leppard - You′re So Beautiful
You say all i do is think about you
That′s right, you′re the only......
Your light, won′t you let it shine on......
All night, hold me tight and don′t let......
Def Leppard - Love Don′t Lie
Yeah, whoa

Time, just watching the time slipping away
Gimme a sign, where do you go when you......

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