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Death Cab for Cutie - Pictures In An Exhibition (текст песни)

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Pictures In An Exhibition

I think you caught me on the downslide, downturn
I was busy writing with a pen and paper thin dream
and all your plastic people with plastic hearts and smiles
they had the worst intentions all along after all....
The royal castle holds the mellow drama kings and queens
And all their dazzling children; they′re so regal (clean)
With pristine fingertips they wash behind their ears
And let their hair down ′til the audiences leave
I′m definitely shaking
The silence isn′t breaking
Backwashed and stranded memories
Of something I thought could be

@ Death Cab For Cutie

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Испонитель: Death Cab for Cutie
Название песни: Pictures In An Exhibition
Количество просмотров: 108
Количество сообщений: 0

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