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Dead By Sunrise - Into You (текст песни)

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Into You

Smoke another cigarette it kills the pain
That′s all that′s left of me anymore
Chocking on all my regrets feeling the strain
In every breath stumble as I crawl

Then I fall into you
And I fade away
I fall into you
And I fade

Like a crutch you carry me without restraint
Back to a place where I am not alone
I′m a man whose tragedies have been replaced
With memories tattooed upon my soul

Then I fall into you
And I fade away
I fall into you
And I fade

You said time to tear down the walls
You know not everything′s your fault
Put it away our mistakes have brought us here today
You say just look how far you′ve come
Despite all the things you′ve done
You′ll always be the one to catch me

when I fall into you
And I fade away
I fall into you
And I fade

Say goodbye to yesterday I made it through
I′m here today despite what I was told
You were there to rescue me
You shined a light so I could see

Then I fall into you
And I fade away
I fall into you
And I fade

@ Dead By Sunrise

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Испонитель: Dead By Sunrise
Название песни: Into You
Количество просмотров: 102
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