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Dead By April - Erased
Here is no one left to trust

Grace a lie, one that I can see

Dead By April - Losing You
What I have in me
in my mind is you

I would die if we were through
Dead By April - Found Myself In You
Listen now, I found myself in you, I cannot......
I carried all this load, I´m alive
I found inside of you, where I belong
I carried you for so long
Dead By April - Falling behind
I’m fading to clay, losing all track of......
I’ll die, you’re absurd!!
I’m shattered to pieces!
Push out my eyes, I am falling this time!!
Dead By April - Where I Belong
My path to light is gone, my place to rest
(I saw it all so clear, the dream of my life......

All my life, awaiting this, I live my life......
Dead By April - Trapped
Try not to wake me

Cause of you, I′m lying awake at night......
as I close my eyes I fade my way into the......
Dead By April - In My Arms
Don’t look down, don’t look back, I am......
Close your eyes, know, I’m here.
I know it’s hard, to let go all that defines......
You feel like you’ll never be whole again.
Dead By April - Carry Me
I am still alone, turning to stone,
Where did you go, what did you find?
Where did all this come to an end?

Dead By April - A Promise
You only saw the dark side of me
Bring me back to my reality
I have lost my belief

Dead By April - I Made It
Gone are the flames gone are the tears and......
Some days I could burn me and just still I......

Look at me now, I made it
Dead By April - Angels of Clarity
(Well I wont burn into an under
the demons surrounding me
sometimes the pain of torture
is powered deep within me
Dead By April - Unhateable
(My side is rating down on me!!) We used to......
(So I draw me on yourself!), love is......
Free from all the lies, still I miss your......
You are so unhateable!
Dead By April - Promise Me
Into the fire on my own
I know I wont see your face again, hey
Are you sitting there alone, hey

Dead By April - What can I say
I try to be all that you need,
Try not ever let you down.
Still I can see it in your eyes,
Not good enough…
Dead By April - Stronger
For so many years I tried to complete what I......
But, something was always here. Hiding away......
Kept me from making it happen, it′s so......
The clock is ticking the time is passing me......
Dead By April - Sorry For Everything
Sometimes you′ve said I didn′t......
That I even made you cry
Maybe I didn′t show in every possible......
how much I cared
Dead By April - My Saviour
So there you were,
Alone with those ablazing eyes,
Like an angel brought to life,
You have my destiny.
Dead By April - Painting Shadows
What if I told you there is no tomorrow
What if you watch me walk away by tomorrow

So I had to fight do I have to feel before I......

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