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De-Phazz - Trash Box
Mmh, you′re sticking to my finger
Mmh, you smell like used before
Mmh, your skin to me tastes rotten
Let me lick a little more
De-Phazz - Belle De Jour
What an affair
That keeps me longing
For someone there, for someone new
You were so good
De-Phazz - True North
Time to change my direction
Maybe I? I will forget
That soutbern beritage that makes me strong
But the spirits tell me
De-Phazz - Style
Sometimes, ′bout every twenty years
It comes, and everyone′s in fear
We pray, and hope we will survive
If they don′t like me then I die
De-Phazz - Nightmare
Silky, silky dreams
Shady, shady schemes
A nightmare is my way
To get prepared for the day
De-Phazz - Mambo Craze
- Why, Lucy, your eyes are filled with......
- My heart is strained with bloodness
Oh look, the orchestra is getting ready,
dance with me, George!
De-Phazz - Dummes Spiel
Zuerst war ich der detektiv
der niemals schlief, der niemal schlief
keine spur war mir zu heiss
wir tanzten auf dem eis
De-Phazz - Word In A Rhyme
It′s a word in a rhyme, a letter in a......
A ghost in a closet, wing in the sky
It′s a stiched bead in the sand
A golden ring on your left hand
De-Phazz - Atomic Cocktail (Mix It Right)
Mix it right, shake it up
Be sure to serve it in a cup
Mix it right it′s in your hands
To try to find the smoothest blend
De-Phazz - Try
What is that you want from me,
What is it that you all just can′t......
You don′t like the person who is......
Leave me alone get a life of your own.
De-Phazz - Jim The Jinn
You might just be a poor tailor′s lazy......
I don′t mind, rub the lamp
and the show goes on
I can make you travel in time and space
De-Phazz - Preachin′ To The Choir
Walking down a foggy London street one day
Listenin′ to the rhythm of my feet
Everything in my life was going O. K.
I bad some extra money, and all my bills
De-Phazz - You Stayed
When I was born
You were a sapling on the lawn
And as I grew,
You developed, too
De-Phazz - What′s Behind
I wanna have sunday or monday
I wanna have jewels on my jeans
My guitar sounds like a nightingale
I wanna travel without fear
De-Phazz - De′sert D′Amour
Quand l′amour se met à battre la......
Ll n′est plus question de contenance
Écoute bien le conseil de......
Amour qui n′souffre pas est plaisir......
De-Phazz - Looks
Lookin′ at the sun, lookin′ down......
Lookin′ at the sun setting me free
Lookin′ at the sun lookin′ down......
Shining down on me...

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