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David Usher - Black black heart
Something ugly this way comes
Through my fingers sliding inside
All these blessings all these burns
I′m godless underneath your cover
David Usher - Airplanes
Sold myself out for a pocket of lies
Into the sea, you threw us into the sea
Took yourself out on a holiday
Pay the way, I always pay the way
David Usher - My Biggest Mistake
Help is on the way
Doctor he says that you′re fine
Clean bill of health now
Cold crisp winter′s day
David Usher - Kill The Lights
Sleep, dear
The world has gone quiet
I know you′ll wake up again when you......
So please breathe
David Usher - And So We Run
Give me a sign
Give me a reason to hold on
I′m holding on
What is a life?
David Usher - Devil By My Side
Believe in hope,
Believe in faith,
Believe in things I can′t fight,
Believe in truth,
David Usher - Secret Garden
So you hustle ′til the pain grows
Fighting ′til the needle calls
Always when the needle calls
So you hustle ′til the pain grows too......
David Usher - The Music
Baby, baby, don′t be late
The world is ending I can′t change
The way I feel about you now
New York is cold as ever
David Usher - Hallucinations
Hallicinations start to fade
All the colours are back to grey
I never understood these things I hated,
David Usher - Time Of Our Lives
I once saw a man on fire
Staring at his window
Watching as the flames grew higher and......
I thought that i saw him cry
David Usher - Tomorrow Comes
I can see miles above the clouds,
And what was it like on the day you fell to......
Knocked you out cold it′s just as......
Cause people are cruelest when they......
David Usher - In This Light
Hey, are you asleep now?
I thought I heard you talking,
Cause they′re draining out my heart,
And I think I know what′s coming,
David Usher - Wake Up And Say Goodbye
Salvation′s on the way
I caught the last flight headed for outer......
My ticket′s all arranged
And if I left you there
David Usher - The River
I remember that I found you
Just waiting in the dark
Took me to the river where we always fell......
And we lay amongst the rocks
David Usher - Message Home
If I fell in love,
Would you sort me out,
Would you take me deep,
Would you go without?
David Usher - When It Hurts
On the wind
Take hold of the tiger′s tail
It′s tragic when first love dies
Religious when stars collide
David Usher - I Am The Weapon
Walking underwater
Sinking in the sand
Thought I saw the future
It′s just out of reach
David Usher - Everyday Things
It′s everyday things
Like coffee to go
Like watching your mouth move through the......
Like a million times before
David Usher - Surfacing
Car crash East side of town,
The waters deep here you can feel your own......
You′re beginning to let go,
The bubbles rise as we go down,
David Usher - Fearless
We are all just aching, we′re waiting,
For heartbreak in this world of light and......
I lost it, the ability, to see myself more
Clearly I lost it,
David Usher - Numb
Hey, have you fallen off the shelf?
Can I help you get yourself, back together?
I′m so tired, can I help you save......
Have your friends all changed?
David Usher - If You Tolerate This Your......
The future teaches you to be alone
The present to be afraid and cold
So if I can shoot rabbits
Then I can shoot fascists
David Usher - I′m Coming Down
Turn the lights out,
The party is over and the wines all gone,
Your good friends are headed home,
Wish I could be there,
David Usher - We Are Wolves Here (Electric......
Live hate
Blind faith
Breathe deep
Takes me
David Usher - Speak / Listen
Speak, listen, I can′t fight
I′m crumbling inside
These voices in my head
All lead me on

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