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David Guetta - Love Is Gone
Love Is Gone
Now that the love is gone...
What are we suppose to do
After all that we′ve been through
David Guetta - Baby when the light
Inspite of all the consequence
Inspite of all my pride
Inspite of little things you said
That hide me deep inside
David Guetta - In Love With Myself
In love with myself
in love with my own reflection
with my own affection
with the vision that i see
David Guetta - The World Is Mine
I believe in the wonder
I believe this new life to gain
Like a God that I′m under
There′s a drugs running through my......
David Guetta - Just a Little More Love
Just a little more love
Just a little more peace
Is all it takes
To live the Dream
David Guetta - On The Dancefloor
(feat. Will.I.Am, Apl.De.Ap)

Feel that heat
Risin′ hard
David Guetta - Winner of the game
No matter what people say
I′m gonna do it my way
I′m strong enough and alive
I know that I can survive
David Guetta - Memories
(feat. Kid Cudi)
All the crazy shit I did tonight
those will be the best memories.
I just wanna let it go for the night
David Guetta - One Love
(feat. Estelle)
Can anybody help me im outta plans
guess I left my world in somebody′s......
I don′t like to hurt but, but everyone......
David Guetta - Stay
Feeling in your kiss,
Seeing in the stars,
Don′t believe in magic
But I know just who you are
David Guetta - Always
I’m hurting deep inside
And it’s like that always
The passion was not ours to keep (to keep)
The feelings justified
David Guetta - Everytime we touch
Everytime, everytime
Everytime we touch, I feel it
I feel it
Everytime we touch
David Guetta - I Wanna Go Crazy
(feat. Will.I.Am)

Lets Go...

David Guetta - Commander

David Guetta - Time

I spy a girl with a book in hand
Playing games with her body to forget about......
David Guetta - Missing You
(feat. Novel)
Yeah you′ve fucked up for the last......
You think you got everyone figured out.
David Guetta - Choose
(feat. Ne-Yo, Kelly Rowland)
Ah, Ah yeah
Choose you wanna make me choose
David Guetta - Delirious
Seems to me like the days are getting longer
For everyone there′s no fun when......
Working on and on for a day in the sun
Counting down the days to it stops (every......
David Guetta - Tomorrow Can Wait
Live life given now
Tomorrow can wait
Dance all through the night
Sleeping all day
David Guetta - Raise Your Hands
I’m on a mission
To make the whole world listen
To take the whole world’s vision
And make a whole world game
David Guetta - Crank It Up (feat. Akon)
She′s the keys to my starter in my......
Yeah she make me wanna go harder and she......
When she keep that spotlight glowing cause......
Everybody know this is girl when she step up......
David Guetta - Without You (feat. Usher)
I can’t win, I can’t wait
I will never win this game without you,......
I am lost, I am vain,
I will never be the same without you,......
David Guetta - Little Bad Girl (feat.......
And now they tell me I’m a bad boy
All the time they look at me and mad boy
I just like put my hands up in the air(?)
I want a bad girl dancing over there(?)
David Guetta - Don′t be afraid
I′m here, I′m here to be
Exactly what you need of me,
Please do, please let me do
All the things you want me to
David Guetta - Sexy bitch (feat Akon)
Yes, I can see her
′cause every girl in here wanna be her
Oh! She′s a Diva...
They feel the same,
David Guetta - I Gotta Feeling (FMIF Remix......
(feat. Black Eyed Peas)

I gotta feeling
that tonight′s gonna be a good night
David Guetta - Turn Me On (feat. Nicki Minaj)
Docta docta, need you bad
Call me babe
Docta Docta, where you at?
Give me something
David Guetta - Titanium (feat. Sia)
You shout it loud
But I can′t hear a word you say
I′m talking loud not saying much
David Guetta - S.T.O.P. (feat. Ryan Tedder)
How many stars do you see now?
I must admit, I haven′t looked
All the lives that we live
When we rush and we push till we bend, till......
David Guetta - Gettin over you (feat. Fergie)
All the things I know right now
If I only knew back then
There′s no gettin′ over
No gettin over′

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