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Darkseed - Disbeliever
We are living in an unrefined world
Where wonders fall as soon as they rise
The shadows haunt the deaf and blind
You are one of them,
Darkseed - Downwards
I′m walking down this way
without an aim, without a course
I sometimes find an open door
to rooms that show me trivial thoughts
Darkseed - Rain Of Revival
a gentle rain came down on all
falling down upon the world
washing away our sins
tears that cleanse the soul
Darkseed - I Deny You
Would You like to go for a walk′......
May I introduce You to my words:
Small amusements give You joy
You don′t think about it′s sense......
Darkseed - Dying Land
The last bird from a scattered flock
Seeks shelter in a tree
Alone amongst the lonely woods
He will cry when noone hears
Darkseed - Forever Stay
the hours are slipping by
I stare into the night
into my deep blue sea
of unforgotten memory
Darkseed - Autumn
My heart is crushed
It′s lying there and growing cold
Summer′s sunset falls
Sunlight flees away
Darkseed - Left Alone
A shining star it sinks
and spreads it′s last silver rays
A short glance and then escape
to universal spheres
Darkseed - Hopelessness
I′m looking through my window and I......
a lonesome star lost in the night
I′m looking through my window and I......
midnight′s gloomy forest, it′s......
Darkseed - Many Wills
I′m lying on my bed now
No morning gives me promise
of a glorious day
Will happiness return?
Darkseed - Forever Darkness
In the fire of the sunken sun
fast as ravens, bullets, thoughts I run
I inhale the golden oil
and I fear forever darkness
Darkseed - Hear Me
a bloody rusted nail
piercing through my veins
no light to change eternal night to day
here human life has no worth
Darkseed - Cold Under Water
I dive into the sea
to realms of unknown blue
I break the surface
to drown in nothingness
Darkseed - Life
in a maze of feelings
I lost myself
my colored window
now piece of broken glass
Darkseed - Waiting
the frost invades
the day′s growing dark
lock your doors
misery arrives
Darkseed - Fly Into The Night
Inside of you
Tears of pure frustration
Cascading down your heart
What could fill your restless soul
Darkseed - Counting Moments
This is the day
When grief pours freezing over me
Like rushing mighty floods
To drown the flame
Darkseed - Where Will I Go
So many questions
But no answers about me
Where is my home
In my head it drones
Darkseed - Souls United
you′re waiting for the gates
to be raised
when you walk through
your life will change
Darkseed - Can′t Explain
shadow-veiled, passing years
I can′t see the sun
where′s the land of friends?
darkness conquers us
Darkseed - Can′t Find You
I′m standing at the coast
and I listen to the waves
I′m searching for a place
to anchor my heart

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