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Danny - Here I Am
I never wanted more than I found the key now......
I read my letters from before
I don′t know where or why I go
Cuz all I feel is all I know
Danny - Radio
Radio, the radio, radio
Radio, the radio, radio

He looks like a million dollar to you
Danny - Stay
Can you hear my call
I have tried for so long
But you′ve been on the run
Here I′m left to figure out
Danny - Emely
I′m crying out

I′m hidding from myself
I′m so scared to be to the audience
Danny - Tokyo
Warm and cold
You grab me down, you lift me with your......
New and old
I know your way but I don′t understand......
Danny - Amazing
I′m feeling great
I′m feeling awesome
And I can′t wait
Gotta get movin′
Danny - Unity for U & Me
I is working strong to perfect my skills
I can become somewhat of a better man
I will get my shit straighter everyday that......
Danny - Tokyo (Spanish Version)
Tu y yo
Me traes y me llevas con tu magia

Si o no
Danny - I′ll Be Over You
If only you,

Look where we are, falling apart,
And nothing seems to mend,

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