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Dannii Minogue - On The Loop
I don′t wanna be alone
I wanna be together
On the loop
I dont wanna be alone
Dannii Minogue - I Begin To Wonder
When I′m walking down the street I......
Inside my head I go insane
Don′t you know that it′s really......
There were days when I went completely blind
Dannii Minogue - All I Wanna Do
All I wanna do
All I wanna do
All I wanna do is touch you
All I wanna do
Dannii Minogue - Jump to The Beat
Let′s do it
Hype it up

Dannii Minogue - Everything I Wanted
Mmm Ahh

There′s just somethin′......
Feels just like I′ve always know ya
Dannii Minogue - Put The Needle on it
Put the needle on it
Put the needle on it
Put the needle on it
Put the needle on it
Dannii Minogue - Baby Love
My Baby
Baby love (you are my)
Baby love (just call me)

Dannii Minogue - Perfection
You′re perfection
(All that I Want)
You′re perfection
(Won′t give you up)
Dannii Minogue - So Under Pressure
I′m So Under Pressure (pressure,......

Trippin′ on intensity
I′m weighed down by gravity
Dannii Minogue - Success
Are you ready
Are you ready
Are you ready

Dannii Minogue - This is it
This is it
Oh This time I know it′s the real......
I can′t explain what I′m feeling
I′m lost for words
Dannii Minogue - Who Do You Love Now

Where do we go now?
I don′t know
Dannii Minogue - Love Fight
I′m getting hotter when you slam the......
Coz we′ll be screaming when......

Dannii Minogue - Push

let me see ya wutcha gunna do baby
Dannii Minogue - Disremembrance
I feel so calm tonight
Like I′m floating into space
I feel my anger now
Vanishing without a trace
Dannii Minogue - Hey! (So What)
Ah Ah Ah Ah
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh

Dannii Minogue - Love & Kisses
Ooh I
I want your love and kisses
Ooh, Ooh, Ooh

Dannii Minogue - I Can′t Sleep At Night
I′m not good at being lonely

I′m sorry if you saw too much
But baby I got too near
Dannii Minogue - You Won′T Forget......
Our first and last summer together
We shared the passion till the end
I found a friend I will remember
I′ll never feel the same again (now......
Dannii Minogue - He′s The Greatest......
I′m like wow,
He′s the greatest dancer!
I′m like wow,
That I′ve ever seen

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