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Danity Kane - Stay With Me
Raindrops, fall from, everywhere
I reach out, for you, but your not there
So i stood, waiting, in the dark
With your picture, in my hands
Danity Kane - Damaged
Do, Do you got a first aid kit handy?
Do, Do you know how to patch up a wound?
Tell me,
are you patient,
Danity Kane - Hold Me Down
[Intro - Aubrey]
Yeah... you know what baby
No matter what I go through,
No matter what I do
Danity Kane - Key To My Heart
Someone took the key to your heart
Someone took the key to your
Could′ve swore i had it right here......
Susy told me no one else could take it away......
Danity Kane - 2 Of You
[D. Woods]
You make me hotter than Jamaica
Proceed with caution cause you′re......
Maybe it′s just cause you′re......
Danity Kane - Pretty Boy
[Chorus (Aubrey)]
Pretty Boy listen up I can put you on
To the ne-next level that you should be on
Pretty boy listen up for a night in town
Danity Kane - Ooh Ahh
[Chorus (x2):]
Can′t take it when you put your loving......
You make me say ooh when you′re......
Don′t know what to do when you give it......
Danity Kane - Secret Place (Interlude)
Oh, baby, you have no idea where we′re......
Just sit back and enjoy the show
Are you ready?
Danity Kane - One Shot
[Verse 1 - Aundrea (Dawn)]
You all in my ear (I hear you talkin′......
You wanna get me alone
But you ain′t sayin′......
Danity Kane - Show Stopper
[Hook, Shannon lead vocal:]
We in the car, we ride slow
We doin′ things that the girls......
(Danity Kane)
Danity Kane - Right Now
[Intro - Aubrey]
Oh boy
Oh no no no, touch me like that
Danity Kane - Is Anybody Listening
Waiting to see the light,
Been waiting all my life,
Show me a way,
Danity Kane - Back Up
[Verse 1]
Raindrops, Fall From, Everywhere
I Reach Out, For You, But Your Not There
So I Stood, Waiting, In The Dark
Danity Kane - Want It
[1st Verse:]
(Yeah) So you say that you don′t think......
And you say that I need to think about the......
Danity Kane - Ecstasy (feat. Rick Ross)
[Rick Ross]
It started with a Monte Carlo
Then went and got a beamer
Her mom call me a D-boy
Danity Kane - Heartbreaker
See me on the T.V.
You′re trying to jump in your set
You got a load of me
And now you have that wet (so wet)
Danity Kane - Touching My Body
Would You Like That?
Do You Like That?
I Know You Like That!
Danity Kane - Sucka For Love
I′m a sucka over love
Smooth slick talk
Anything he wants
I could provide it, I′m a rider
Danity Kane - Poetry
When I stand in a crowded room
I feel alone like nobody′s there
And when you talk cold to me
Danity Kane - Flashback (Interlude)
Uh, this is dedicated to you...
Crosses paths, I saw the past
Realized how good it was
Danity Kane - Home For Christmas
Dashing through the snow
In a one-horse open sleigh
Danity Kane - Sleep On It
[Verse 1 - Aundrea]
I might like to get to know you
But I can′t hear you right now,
You′re competing with the music
Danity Kane - Press Pause
I don′t ever wanna leave your arms......
I′m so caught up in the moment baby......

Danity Kane - Strip Tease
Shoulders down
Leg Out
Bend Over
Lips Pout
Danity Kane - Ride For You
[Verse 1 - Aundrea]
Lately, I′ve been tryna fight......
it′s got a hold and really making me......
what it takes to get through
Danity Kane - Come Over (Interlude)
[Aubrey - (Group):]
I know you wanna come over
You can come over

Danity Kane - Bad Girl (feat. Missy Elliott)
When the red light comes on I transform
When the red light comes on I transform
Look in my eyes covered in Maybelline
Danity Kane - Ain′t True (Interlude)
I don′t wanna hurt you
Please believe me I do
But there is no easy way to say this baby

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