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Daniel Powter - Give Me Life (текст песни)

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Give Me Life

Right directions, I´ve problems with your friends
understand my point of view
and I′m not bothered, I´ll break before I´ll bend
give me life, give me life, for want I do.

I can′t remember and everything the same
and what´d you think that I should be
you pushed me backwards, I played the stupid game
give me life, give me life, for what I say.

And the moment that you lose yourself
you wish that you were someone else
and the only thing that comes apart
to take us back from were we start.

Cause I got no excuse for the way I talk to you
but you don′t compremise you nothing new
let′s get together and see what we become
give me live, give mi live, for what I´ve done. Yeah.

What′s the answers
I fall between the cracks
I´ll be happy when you say
I was promised if you′re through with us
give me life, give my life, for what I think.

And the moment that you lose yourself
you wished that you were someone else
and whatever else is carrying on,
everyone will know ones you halfway go.

You got no excuses for to way you treated me
and I don′t compremise too easily
let′s stay togheter
to say what we′ve become
give me live, give me live, for what I′ve done.

Give me life, give me life, for what I´ve done.
Give me life, give me life, for what I´ve done.

@ Daniel Powter

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Испонитель: Daniel Powter
Название песни: Give Me Life
Количество просмотров: 204
Количество сообщений: 0

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