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Dance Gavin Dance - NASA (текст песни)

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(Staring at the window panes)
(Russian roulette with some names on the phone)
When I stare at your face, are you even alive?
(Oh my god, you′re so fucking intelligent)
(Don′t you just love the use of Andy Warhol?)
We always knew that we were never the best advocates

And it′s okay
If I′m gray today

(Holy fuck I′m impressed)
(Too bad I don′t have a pussy to plunge in)
(While I sit here and stomach this)
(Here′s a noble prize, lets gamble our demise)

Staring at the window paint
Russian roulette with some names on the phone
Hey you, where you from?
Never mind just leave me alone

(I drained the wells so the town has no water)
(I cut the phone lines and buried the grain)
(I drained the blood from the fortunate ones)
(It′s self destruction ′cause we′re all the same)

"Hurry up, trade in your gold for cash."
That′s what everyone′s saying
(Don′t blame me for post economical backlash)
That′s what everybody′s doing
Sometimes I can′t believe myself
(Consequence in the purest form)
(I′ve seen it coming from miles away)

I′m down with brown town
I′m down with brown town

I′m down with brown town
(It′s only seconds away)

@ Dance Gavin Dance

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Испонитель: Dance Gavin Dance
Название песни: NASA
Количество просмотров: 124
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