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Dance Gavin Dance - People You Know
Someone please!
Please write a script that′s made for......
that appeals to people listening to this cd
I got a wish, I got a wish
Dance Gavin Dance - And I Told Them I......
But now you know that I am cold
(Take me out now, I′ve dropped the......
And now I am found
(Take me out now, I′ve dropped the......
Dance Gavin Dance - NASA
(Staring at the window panes)
(Russian roulette with some names on the......
When I stare at your face, are you even......
(Oh my god, you′re so fucking......
Dance Gavin Dance - Tree Village
What excuses do you make? Happiness is hard......
I didn′t catch a break. Maybe I am......
been so lonely. It′s been so long......
and I couldn′t care less if I deserve......
Dance Gavin Dance - Antlion
(Something′s wrong, something′s......
There′s a bomb in my face
Decorated in white lace
Dance Gavin Dance - 12 Hours, 630 Miles
Starting or ending.
Fading away.
I am cold tonight.
I have your faith.
Dance Gavin Dance - Happiness
Drowning in the lake
I only left her for a couple of seconds

And now she′s gone
Dance Gavin Dance - Rock Solid
The first thing I say in the morning is,......
People are offended and tired, so fuck that......
I walk myself to my church service and ask......
Balance my brain chemicals, so I can give a......
Dance Gavin Dance - Reprogramming Mental......
I drink the blood of the fortunate ones
Collapsing their teeth right on top of their......
Innocent children are asking for blow
All of my sources say you oughta know
Dance Gavin Dance - Hot Water On Wool......
Let′s take some time to reflect and......
We tip over three-wheeled shopping carts
A crippled man with his mangled hands
Looks at the blonde with her hideous,......
Dance Gavin Dance - Hot Water On Wool
If we could only be in different places
Among the same faces we can′t forget
In debt to the very distinction of love and......
They′re both in our hearts, we choose......
Dance Gavin Dance - Open Your Eyes And Look......
wake up stand up look into
Red eyes
Stayed up all night thinking of
Dance Gavin Dance - Alex English

The first one to hit the cop wins
His death was so obvious
Dance Gavin Dance - The Backwards Pumpkin......
Sit down, call off the cavalry
I’m stealing the jewels
In a slow motion action replay
Dance Gavin Dance - Lemon Meringue Tie
Caught between one thick line
I can never see in the dark
Can you see at all?
Can you see at all?
Dance Gavin Dance - Strawberry Andre
Dressed in time to sip the wine
and cover your head
Nice of you to stay a few
and bleed on my bed
Dance Gavin Dance - Uneasy Hearts Weigh The......
To feel her touch
It′s almost impossible to hold still
Maybe we can go back to the way it was
Well, at least let me love you the same
Dance Gavin Dance - Carl Barker
There’s no sense in me saying that life......
It doesn’t matter, it never mattered
Well I have Sunday so maybe we’ll finish......
I can′t ever finish this chapter
Dance Gavin Dance - Skyhook
From the crawlspace under the floor
Turned away from your front door
I′m in your memories
I′m in your memories
Dance Gavin Dance - Self-Trepanation
One day, I′ll take your mind, then......
One day, I′ll take your mind, then......
One day, I′ll take your mind, then......
One day, I′ll take your mind, then......
Dance Gavin Dance - Caviar
Is trust really that fucking hard
A gesture of faith in me
You make it so, and you let go within the......
blasphemy so regularly, right?
Dance Gavin Dance - Buffalo!
Here is a lesson, stop trying to impress......
The look on her face is like, "No, no, no,......
Question answer question. No, question......
No one cares who you know know, know, know,......
Dance Gavin Dance - Power To The People
You threw me away
Just like all the others
It′s been seven days and not a single......

Dance Gavin Dance - Strawberry Swisher Pt. 2
Could you stay a little longer?
I could really use the extra time
I don’t know why I even care
Cause I’m never really there
Dance Gavin Dance - Burning Down The......
Still grinding teeth, trying to follow you......
I′ll stop the world ′cause this......
Wait across the street in the parking lot
The tree is dead, the front door is locked
Dance Gavin Dance - Me And Zoloft Get Along......
Ask me, I′m fine or I will be
I got a bullet-proof vest on and the cure......
and a pill that makes me happy

Dance Gavin Dance - Turn Off The Lights......
Take the car, and turn it into our alibis
discard the body, pop some pills and......
Purge, then binge, restart and insert the......
Turn off the lights, I′m watching back......
Dance Gavin Dance - It′s Safe To Say......
I threw her away on the second we met
I couldn′t have lied, I tried
I was cashing a check
(The ink was smeared)
Dance Gavin Dance - Don′t Tell Dave
(Ohhh) Oh! Yea!
Oh! Yea!
(Oh) Save me
(Yea) I think I need some therapy
Dance Gavin Dance - Strawberry Swisher Pt. 1
[Entire Song x2]

Please, girl, stay ′til the early......
We can have some coffee.

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