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Da Buzz - Dangerous
[I′m so dangerous
I′m so dangerous]

I felt that I was on
Da Buzz - Give Me Your Hand
Running through the night
To clear my mind
It′ll give me time, to straighten......
Everyone wants to find the meaning of life
Da Buzz - Alive
[This is the feeling of my life
I wanna be with you now
I wanna have you with me
Always forever and you
Da Buzz - How could you leave me
Tell me, everything you wanna be
And tell, me everywhere you wanna go
Then say to me, when everything is fine
I′m waiting, you can see the fire
Da Buzz - Last Goodbye
[My last goodbye..
My last goodbye..]

You gave me a home, somewhere to rest my......
Da Buzz - I Love You
I turned on the light
As you opened your eyes
Then I gave you a kiss
I′ve been waiting forever
Da Buzz - World For 2
[Ooh.. uuh.. gonna give you a world for 2]

Can′t swear, you′re the one
Cause you make me insane
Da Buzz - Come away with me
I hope it′s true that you and I
Could live our lives together
Why should I always do
The things that you say
Da Buzz - Wonder Where you are
(heee eh heee heee)
(wonder were you are)

I see you go again

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