Chamillionaire - Not Your Baby (текст песни)

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Not Your Baby

[Phone Conversation]
[Chamillionaire:] Hello?
[Woman:] What you doing?
[Chamillionaire:] I′m on the other line talkin business
[Woman:] Uhh, no you′re not
[Chamillionaire:] No, I′m on a conference call, real talk
[Woman:] You′re not on a conference call
[Chamillionaire:] I am on a conference call
[Woman:] Look, you don′t ever answer the phone
Can you like give me your other phone number?
[Chamillionaire:] Didn′t you call me like fifteen minutes ago anyways?
My line been beepin for the last hour, I know that′s you callin
[Woman:] That′s cause I want to talk to you, and you like, you never answer when I call this number
And I know that like other people have the other number
Like that′s your main number that you answer
So I want that number, so I can call you
[Chamillionaire:] Cause you don′t be havin anything to talk about
[Woman:] Dude, stop saying that, you just not on the phone with anybody
[Chamillionaire:] I′m busy, okay
[Woman:] I mean I am understand if you′re working, that′s fine
Like you know, give me the number and I′ll you know, call you back a little bit later
[Chamillionaire:] Alright, look, write this down, 832-514-4730
[Woman:] Okay
[Chamillionaire:] I mean, I′m a call you back anyways
[Woman:] And you′re gonna call me right back?
[Chamillionaire:] I′m a call you right back
[Woman:] Okay
[Chamillionaire:] Peace
[Woman:] Thanks
[Chamillionaire:] Psyche

Испонитель: Chamillionaire
Название песни: Not Your Baby

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