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Avril Lavigne - Falling Down (текст песни)

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Falling Down

If fears what makes us decide,
Our future journey,
I′m not along for the ride,
Cuz I′m still learning,
To try and touch the sun,
My fingers burning,
Before you′re old you are young,
Yeah I′m still learning
I am falling down,
Try and stop me,
It feels so good to hit the ground,
You can watch me,
Fall right on my face,
It′s an uphill human race,
and I am falling down
I′m standing out in the street,
The earth is moving,
I feel it under my feet,
And I′m still proving,
That I can stand my ground,
And my feet are there, haven′t washed my hair
Too be lost before you are found,
Don′t mean you are losing
Some day I′ll live in a house
Etc., etc., etc.
But you know that′s not for now
and for now I′m falling
Yeah e Yeah..Yeah e Yeah,
I′m falling down,
I′m falling down..I′m falling down...
I′m falling....
Feels so good to hit the ground...
I am falling

@ Avril Lavigne

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Испонитель: Avril Lavigne
Название песни: Falling Down
Количество просмотров: 101
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Momma take this badge off of me
I can′t use it anymore


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