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Atreyu - Blow
So fuckin′ blow those words out the......
I′ve heard it all and I′m done......
You tell me lies, and you get what you get,
so blow those fuckin′ words out the......
Atreyu - Ravenous
All hail!
The tip of the spear
The misguided, unyeilding force
Unleashed about a foreign nightmare of pain
Atreyu - Exs And Ohs
You took me home
I drank too much
′Cause of you my liver turned to dust
Cold rust taste
Atreyu - Aint Love Grand
It′s so hard to see when your eyes are......
It′s even harder to speak when......

Gutted like a pig, all you want is the world......
Atreyu - Honor
Resolute a stance of defiance
Always teetering on the brink
Nothing can hold you back when
When you′re not holding back a thing
Atreyu - Your Private War
For my whole life, I have been burning down......
My only problem was foresight
I was standing on them, I never looked down
And now I am, knee deep in your bullshit
Atreyu - We Stand Up
I′ve watched the sun go dancing fall
And watched the night reign
Please note that casual
Observers are always the first to go
Atreyu - No One Cares
(I′m so tired)

All riled up, I can taste the winter.
I would shut up, if I thought that it......
Atreyu - Congregation Of The Damned
I′m going to give this monster life,
I may not have the pieces.
I′ll keep on going through the night,
To see you all left screaming.
Atreyu - So Wrong
It used to be, I could make the pieces fit,
Break the edges, force fed all of this,
How could I ever be so wrong?
At our pace we are doomed once we begin,
Atreyu - The Squeeze
Sometimes it feels like the juice is just......
I′m wringing it out my hands, drinking......
I love this shit and I hate this shit, I......
I′ve served my time, I′ve earned......
Atreyu - Storm to Pass
Givebacks for things we′ve done
Of past storms weathered before
Atreyu - Slow Burn
It begins with a dark glowing ember,
something black burning it′s way out......
Searing the flesh,
pain is the only thing I feel,
Atreyu - Black Days Begin
We′re all hellbent on destruction,
Try to erase black spots on our soul.
Hide from a violent eruption,
Atreyu - Falling Down
You′re always looking back,
runnin′ from the past.
You′re always sweating me about the......
You′re lookin′ over your......
Atreyu - Shameful
You should have ran for days
You embrace you betray
I am sick to say
You′re a sad cliché
Atreyu - Clean Sheets
Clean sheets mean a lot,
To a guy who sleeps on the floor,
I wanted your love,
An a shelf in your dresser draw,
Atreyu - The Remembrance Ballad
These days are closing in
The end has become apparent
We′re only here for so long
Will anyone remember my name
Atreyu - Demonology And Heartache
So unaffectionate, so insecure
You claim to know a thing or two about......
And what it′s like to have your......
And I believe you
Atreyu - At Least I Know Im A Sinner
Lift up a stone and you will find him,
Cherish the beauty in the world around us
Not in buildings or crosses made by man
Judge me, fuck you, stop playing god,
Atreyu - Love Is Illness
My soul it screams for you
Can you not here it
My arms reach out for you
Why cant you take them
Atreyu - My Sanity On The Funeral Pyre
Paranoia is the insect working its way
Through my subconscious thoughts
It′s the larve of self doubt
Gestating in my heart as I spiral down
Atreyu - Becoming The Bull
Come on!!!
Grab the bull by the horns the old adage......
Nobody tells you where to go from here.
Seems like fates pulling you.
Atreyu - Doomsday
A rush of blood
To my head leaves me winded and wanting
To feel the weakness in my body
Atreyu - Bleeding Hearts Shed No Tears
After all that has transpired
After all thats taken place
After all the stab wounds
And just just before my death
Atreyu - You Eclipsed By Me
I began my ascent at minus zero
You made so sure of that
You tried to keep me down here
Your complacency has been your downfall
Atreyu - The Crimson
I feel it welling up inside and Robert Smith......
Boys do cry and with blood tears in my eyes
I′m an Anne Rice novel come to life
I can′t hide the monster anymore
Atreyu - Untitled Finale
You put a bullet in my head
Turned black thoughts to red
This could all end in tragedy
I dream of your death,
Atreyu - As The Line Between Machinery And......
Every thought catalyst reaction
Nerve synapse, mentally slavery
Disembodied, controlled minds
Sharpened tools, bloddy knives
Atreyu - Epic
Can you feel it, see it, hear it today?
If you can′t, then it doesn′t......
You will never understand it cause it......
And it feels so good, it′s like......

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