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ATC - Mistake No. 2 (текст песни)

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Mistake No. 2

It′s a cruel cruel world
So conventional
Sometimes love just wins you over
I′ve come to life it′s true
It′s not intentional
Everytime when we move closer

I′ll take the fall
A twist i know
You just see right through me
It may be wrong
But all along
It keeps on turning turning

I could walk away now
End it perfectly
And just say your words are
Not affecting me
Somewhere deep inside
I know it may be wrong
But i′m ready to commit
Mistake no. 2
Mistake no. 2

Must have heard it once a million times
From everyone the perfect time
But you′re the one to recognize
There are things i need in my life
So i′ll take the fall
A twist i know
It keeps on turning turning

Here it comes again
It never ends
I keep on falling further
I′m not sure that i can walk away now...


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Испонитель: ATC
Название песни: Mistake No. 2
Количество просмотров: 88
Количество сообщений: 0

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