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ATC - Around The World (текст песни)

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Around The World

The kisses of the sun
Were sweet
I didn′t blink
I let it in my eyes
Like an exotic dream
The radio playing songs
That I have never heard
I don′t know what to say
Oh, not another word

Just - la la la la la -
It goes around the world
Just - la la la la la -
It′s all around the world
Just - la la la la la -
And everybody′s singing
La la la la la -
And now the bells are ringing
La la la la la la la la...

Inside an empty room
My inspiration flows
Now wait to hear the tune
Around my head it goes
The magic melody
You want to sing with me
Just - la la la la la -
The music is the key
And now the night is gone
Still it goes on and on
So deep inside of me
I long to set it free
I don′t know what to do
Just can′t explain to you
I don′t know what to say
Oh, not another word


The kisses of the sun


Around - around - around the world


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Испонитель: ATC
Название песни: Around The World
Количество просмотров: 344
Количество сообщений: 0

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