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Ashley Tisdale - Unlove you
I fell in a perfect way
Never had a choice to make
Crashed into your tidal wave
I didn′t even struggle
Ashley Tisdale - Switch
You′re out of this world I′m......
come back, a curious condition. And then you......
can′t get a hold of myself.

Ashley Tisdale - I want it all
Imagine having everything we ever dreamed
Don′t you want it?
Can′t ya see it?
Ashley Tisdale - Suddenly
Suddenly I, am in front of the lights
Everything, I’m feeling
Scary and beautiful at the same time
And every day, I try just to breathe
Ashley Tisdale - What if
Don′t speak: I can′t believe
This is here happening
Our situation is arisen
Get real who you playing with
Ashley Tisdale - Kiss the girl
There you see her
Sitting there across the way
She don′t got a lot to say
But there′s something about her
Ashley Tisdale - He Said She Said
Boy walkin′ the spot he so fresh and......
He got what he needs impressin′ (uh......
Just look at the way that he dressin′......
Ashley Tisdale - Me Without You
It′s just you and me
And there′s no one around
Feel like I′m hanging by a threat
It′s a long way down
Ashley Tisdale - Love me for me
Verse 1:
I′m not the girl that you see in the......
Perfect face and perfect body
Never be anyone but the one I am, what I am
Ashley Tisdale - So Much For You
If you got the time I′ll take it
If you got the vibe we′ll make it
IТll do that, IТll do that

Ashley Tisdale - Over It
[Boy] Hello?
[Ashley] Hey you know what? I dont need......
Over her and why you gotta lie about it?......
Ashley Tisdale - Hair
I′m in disarray
I′m unkempt
And I love ya, sugar

Ashley Tisdale - Crank It Up
Crank it up
I like that( Oh..)
Ashley Tisdale - Be Good To Me
Everyday is getting worse
Do the same things and it hurts
I don′t know if I should cry
All I know is that I′m tryin′
Ashley Tisdale - Guilty Pleasure
Oh, so treacherous and dangerous, devious
You keep me on the edge, na na na na na na

Oh, you are my guilty pleasure
Ashley Tisdale - Hot Mess
I′m a mess when it comes to you,
I′ve got no inhibitions whatsoever,
It′s true,
I′m not the kindda girl who runs......
Ashley Tisdale - Blame It On The Beat
Usually im miss pretty please, im nice then......
I’m the poster girl with self control.

Ashley Tisdale - Positivity
From where I stand I see
A world of possibilities
So don’t be going negative on me
Ashley Tisdale - Last Christmas
Last Christmas, I gave you my heart
But the very next day you gave it away
This year, to save me from tears
I′ll give it to someone special
Ashley Tisdale - Masquerade
Hip Shaker
Dream Maker
Heart Breaker
Earth Quaker
Ashley Tisdale - Erase & Rewind
I don′t wanna feel like this
I don′t want to,i don′t want to
I don′t wanna freak you out but I
think i might have said too much
Ashley Tisdale - HeadStrong
I′m a straight up kind of girl, I am
I′mma tellin′ it like it is, I......
And that′s just the kind of girl I am
Head up, hands up tell me
Ashley Tisdale - Acting Out
Up above the surface
I was just the perfect child
But underneath it all
I was craving to be wild
Ashley Tisdale - Tell Me Lies
It′s in your eyes, feelings......
my biggest fear, is crying motions of tears,......
How cold could you be, what would you do if......

Ashley Tisdale - Overrated
(Yeah oh)
I passed my reflection on someone else,
I see your invention and not myself,
I turned into your perfect girl or total......
Ashley Tisdale - We′ll Be Together
I′m not alone
Even when we′re apart I feel you
In the air
Ashley Tisdale - It′s Alright,......
You told me there′s no need
To talk it out ′cause its too late
To proceed and slowly
I took your words
Ashley Tisdale - I′m Back
I see you from a distance, on the prowl
Keep it up, it′s only gonna let you......
Come right over here, have a look around
There′s not a lotta diamonds in this......
Ashley Tisdale - Goin′ Crazy
Somethin′ ′bout your style, got......
(hey boy, hey boy)
Gotta make your mind and there ain′t......
(hey boy, hey boy)
Ashley Tisdale - Time′s Up
I′ve played the song, now it drives me......
I′ve run a race, now I′m too......
This is love of ours is so sad it makes me......
Seems a little different

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