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Arctic Monkeys - Wavin′ Bye To The Train Or Bus (текст песни)

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Wavin′ Bye To The Train Or Bus

Oh baby, I′m wanting to do you a swap
I′ll give you anything, yeah
In return for the noises you′ve got
And I can see you want to be attended to
Just count to twenty-nine and I′ll attend to you
Oh for sure... well certainly, yeah yeah yeah
Wavin′ bye to the train or the bus
I′m ever so worried because...
I don′t want to get all forgotten...

So very comfortable..
Don′t really need to put up my feet,
And even in fat sam′s grand slam,
Can′t see it being easier to speak.
when you′ve karate-kicked your way to someone new
And I′m a memory and don′t know what to do
All on his own...
Collecting his dole n′ stuff

Wavin′ bye to the train or the bus
I′m ever so worried because...
I don′t want to get all forgotten...
Cause we know
Yeah, we know-oh-oh-oh
Oh we know, a woah-oh-oh

Don′t know where we′re going, baby
I s′pose it depends
But even if we′re all far apart
We can all come back and all be fine
We′ll be able to be together again

Be together again
Be together again
Be together again

@ Arctic Monkeys

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Испонитель: Arctic Monkeys
Название песни: Wavin′ Bye To The Train Or Bus
Количество просмотров: 86
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