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Arctic Monkeys - No Buses (текст песни)

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No Buses

Lady, where has your love gone?
I was looking but can′t find it anywhere
They always offer when there′s loads of love around
But, when you′re short of some, it′s nowhere to be found

Well, I know your game, you told him yesterday
No chance, you′ll get nothin′ from me
But now she′s there, you′re there, everybody′s there
He′s in turmoil, as puzzled as can be
Just like me

Let′s go down, down, low down
Where I know I should not go
Oh and she thinks she′s the one
But she′s just one in 24
And just ′cause everybody′s doin′ it
Does that mean that I can, too?

Lady, where has your love gone?
It was the anti-septic to the sore
To hold you by the hand
Must be first, be in demand
How he longs for you to long for him once more
Just once more

Let′s go down, down, low down
Where I know I should not go
Oh and she thinks she′s the one
But she′s just one in 24
And just ′cause everybody′s doin′ it
Does that mean that I can, too? Oh...

Her eyes went down and cut you up
And there′s nothing like a dirty look from
The one you want, or the one you′ve lost

An ache in your soul is everybody′s goal
To get what they can′t have
That′s why you′re after her
And that′s why she′s after him
But sayin′ it wont change a thing
And they′ll realise that it wont change a thing
Realise that it wont change a thing

@ Arctic Monkeys

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Испонитель: Arctic Monkeys
Название песни: No Buses
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