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Arctic Monkeys - Dance Little Liar (текст песни)

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Dance Little Liar

I heard the truth was built to bend
A mechanism to suspend the guilt
Is what you are requiring still
You′ve got to dance little liar

Just like those fibbs that pop and fizz
And you′ll be forced to take that awful quiz
And you′re bound to trip
And she′ll detect the fiction on
Your lips and dig a contradiction up

And the clean coming will hurt
And you can never get it spotless
When there′s dirt beneath the dirt
The liar take a lot less time

I′m sure it′s clear and plain to me
Its not an alibi you need just yet
Oh no it′s something for those beads of sweat
Yes that we′ll get you back to normal

And after you have dabbed the patch you′ll grieve
And then proceed to scratch the varnish off
That newly added calmness
So as not to raise any alarms too soon

And the clean coming will hurt
And you can never get it spotless
When there′s dirt beneath the dirt

The liar takes a lot less

Time to decide on his saunter
Have you got itchy bones
And in all your time alone
Can you hack your mind being riddled
with the wrong memories

And the clean coming will hurt
And you can never get it spotless
When there′s dirt between the dirt

@ Arctic Monkeys

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Испонитель: Arctic Monkeys
Название песни: Dance Little Liar
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