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Archive - The Empty Bottle (текст песни)

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The Empty Bottle

The colours run away as the sun fades the day
I find it so hard to find the right words to say
I know that when I have to leave and close it all down
I′m losing everything that you have made me

Let it all just fade away like leave from green to grey
Defeat the impossible finish this war with enemies
And how I love your smile in my aching heart
But why does everything I touch become so sharp

Let the sea roll over me and wash me away
Let me slide deep beneath this crushing blue
The light in the night and the stars on your face
You are everything that surrounds me in this place

I am the hollowness the empty bottle at the end
I am the falling part playing at pretend
I want that feeling back deep inside my heart

Lay down these feelings push them all aside
Crawl out into the light my love I cannot hide
Searching for togetherness on the other side
A thousand bullet holes this love cannot die

For I am the hollowness the empty bottle at the end
I am the falling part playing at pretend
I want that feeling back deep inside my heart

These feelings...

@ Archive

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Испонитель: Archive
Название песни: The Empty Bottle
Количество просмотров: 80
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