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Archive - Skyscraper
One man climbs higher then one bites dust
Through the dark hours in dark towers we......
The rays of light will energise my
Born ability mind stability much creativity
Archive - Rest my head on you
Was such a lovely day
It was so easy
And all that I wanted to do
Was to rest my head on you
Archive - Now and then
Every now and then
You hold me
And now and then
You′re there
Archive - Noise
Stay in your coma, in your own frustration
Lip sinking haircut, blow me away

Cos I’d rather be in this noise
Archive - Nightmare Is Over
Take the sound from my head
Take me down
And empty out my heart
Cos the nightmare is over
Archive - Friend
Friend you’re bringing me down
Friend there’s so much around
Try communicating
Don’t anticipate
Archive - Slowing
If only I could have sight again
If only I could fly again
If only I could be calm again
If only I could whisper again
Archive - Come To Me 2
Come to me my baby
Come to me my love
Come to me my darling tonight
Cos we’re here tonight
Archive - Vaillant Acoustic
All night long
You seem to fill the air

Times like these
Archive - Parvaneh ( Butterfly )
I lie on my blue sheet so blue
Wait for sunrise and what it brings
Wait for tomorrows I look to find
So tired, sleep rest in peace
Archive - Lovesong
All this time I’m distracted from the world
The world outside of your arms
All I need is here

Archive - Collapse / Collide
Too late
They hate
Too late
They hate

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