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Archive - Conscience
God rid us
Of our, our conscience
So we can float away

Archive - Last five
Hell was a place I knew a long time ago
Where everything was dark
There were mazes all around
Here is where I am
Archive - I will Fade
Find answers on the street
In cracks between my feet
But I can′t see

Archive - Goodbye
I′m thinking of you
In my sleep
They′re not good thoughts
The worst kind of sad
Archive - Chaos
Archive - Numb
(numb ...)
You put a hole through me
I put a hole through you
You put a hole through me
Archive - Fold
I′ve been walking through the park
I′ve been walking in the dark
I′ve been walking in the rain
I′ve been walking so much pain
Archive - Game Of Pool
Playing games
Plastic dolls
Killing time with alcohol
I need grass and beer
Archive - Lunar Bender
Come back
Into my eyes again
Into my smile again
Archive - Kings of Speed
Please don′t come any closer to me
I feel old like a withered tree
These days are passing eternally
You won′t ask me to slow it down
Archive - Beautiful world
Progress is methodic meaning step by step
Too much too long too many minds have slept
As the world grows grey throw away mass......
What are we to do now all hell has broken......
Archive - Run
Please don′t run
Did I mean to spoil your fun
Don′t run away
Oh darling, they wanna spoil your day
Archive - Dangervisit
So much writing on the wall can you read it......
Can you see through the haze when the......
Can you read what it means is it making......
‘Cause it’s all dollar bills and pounds and......
Archive - Children they feed
Children they feed teeth clenched tight
Don′t let them see, on either side
What they can′t hear, won′t hurt......
Keep them well fed, this one′s bone......
Archive - Home
Heal down to me
I′ve rested with you
I′ve spend always time
Time with my brothers
Archive - Finding it so hard
I′m finding it so hard
To communicate with you
I′m finding it so hard
To show myself to you
Archive - Sane
Step by step, you′re gonna make......
Buy yeah buy, you′re gonna make......
Try yeah try, you′re gonna make......
More yeah more, you′re gonna make......
Archive - Quiet Time
Juxtapose feeling
Just suppose I reel in revolving doors......
Imposters posing
Tun spinning it round about
Archive - Absurd
Without you
I haven’t a clue
What to make of my daze

Archive - Killing all movement
Slowly swallow for reasons that remain
Like counting drops that fall in the rain
Slowly sinking into the black alone
The darkest of pressure comes waving in for......
Archive - Home in summer
Heal down to me
I′ve rested with you
I′ve spend always time
Time with my brothers
Archive - Hole
Hey little girl
Gotta listen to your world
Gotta feel the pain
God it′s not the same anymore
Archive - Wrong
Why can’t I see it’s all not wrong
Why can’t you be here again
Still don’t believe I know you’re gone
I miss your love
Archive - Woman
I′m a woman
You′re a man
Was I put here for you

Archive - The pain gets worse
Tell me it′s a dream
The pain gets worse
Tell me you have seen
The pain gets worse
Archive - Pictures
So slowly
Alone with you
Archive - Night Time
Waking up to these moments
Never quite complete moments
Nothing on my mind but silence
Taking all my time
Archive - Meon
Does anybody want to take me on
Does anybody want to hear
The things I have to say
I fear today
Archive - Headlights
They′re telling me it won′t be......
The door is shut
The suits are on
Too bright to be day
Archive - Darkroom
Face in my hands
Admiring that view again
Pictures tell me
It′s only my fear

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