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Archive - Whore
You horrify and petrify me
To wear the crown that just astounds me
You terrorise and paralyse me
You′ve lost the plot and should be......
Archive - You make me feel
Your love is like no other
I want when we′re together
I′ll love to be forever

Archive - Nothing else
My angel, clipped wings I know
Wonders in darkness on grimy ground
In a forest unclean, unsound
Everything, everything has gone wild
Archive - Come To Me 1
Come to me my baby
Come to me my love
Come to me my darling tonight
Cos I’m here tonight
Archive - Pills
These days
They′re taking me down
With pills in my hand
Archive - Leader Theme
You got me correctly
Make no mistake
You try and distract me
Archive - All time
Reflecting on what’s been
Though past will be future
When again yesterday to be made

Archive - Controlling Crowds
Why are you so scared and creeping around
Taking photographs all over town
Pictures in the dark that live in the light
The world is my playground too and I’ll do......
Archive - Londinium
Energy from every pore
Make what you will

Are you with or without
Archive - Veins
It′s easy to be persuaded
It′s easy because I′m weak
If it were me I wouldn′t make it
Now I′ve got you
Archive - Bridge Scene
I can’t help but love the way you move
I can’t help but love the things you do
I can’t wait to feel you here with me

Archive - Sham
God dog
Sunday no funday
Holy joke
Go away
Archive - Sit back down
They try hard to keep in time
They′re not you
Sit back down
Sit back down
Archive - Taste of Blood
I get a taste of blood in my mouth when......
A feeling that′s too painful to bear

I get a taste of blood in my mouth when......
Archive - Black
Please don′t stop me
But go and leave me
You can′t keep me inside
Please don′t stop me
Archive - Again
You′re tearing me apart
Crushing me inside
You used to lift me up
Now you get me down
Archive - Pulse
In this Junk
I’m drowning
Archive - Headspace
Go away, go away
You fill my head space
With evil thoughts unkind
I can do without
Archive - Bullets
Come touch me like I’m an ordinary man
Have a look in my eyes
Underneath my skin there is violence
Got a gun in its hand
Archive - Girlfriend In A Coma
Girlfriend in a coma, I know
I know, it′s serious
Girlfriend in a coma, I know
I know, it′s really serious
Archive - Junkie Shuffle
We teach your
Your children

We nurse you
Archive - Need
You′ve got time, time on your hands
Bury your head in the sand
Take your time, hurry it up
Guess you′ll sit there and just drift......
Archive - Cloud in the sky
Take my vision away
Take the words that I say
Take yourself from me
Can′t take what I believe
Archive - So few words
So few words
So few words

We are movin′
Archive - Programmed
Flicking and twisting
There′s a flash in the sky
Falling and drifting
There′s a hole in my eye
Archive - Helicoptere
Sometimes I feel
A million miles apart

A million miles apart
Archive - Neatly folded
She folded neatly in my arms
I, I had everything
All that she wanted
Was to love me
Archive - Me and You
I’m beside myself
But does it matter

It’s good to hear you’re doing well
Archive - Men Like You
It’s men like you
That make me sick
Start me off
So Come on
Archive - Lines
High, sunlight, drown
High, sunlight, goodbye

As I re-submerge

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