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Arch Enemy - Leader Of The Rats (текст песни)

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Leader Of The Rats

Crawling in the slime
Dirt infested minds
Always second best, leader of the rats
Spreading their disease

Hiding behind trivial cynicism
Venomous tongues spitting forth lies
So quick to criticize the life of others
Who are you to judge us

On a higher plain
Our art lives on forever
You are the scum beneath us
Fighting your pathetic battle

Anonymous animosity
Dirt infested minds

You hide behind trivial cynicism
Venomous tongues spitting forth lies
So quick to criticize the life of others
Who are you to judge us

Laughing right into your face
As we watch your infantile behaviour
Love us or hate us - we don′t care
We never aimed to please you

Anonymous animosity
Dirt infested minds
Anonymous animosity
Spreading their disease

Always second best
Leader Of The Rats
Spreading their disease

@ Arch Enemy

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Испонитель: Arch Enemy
Название песни: Leader Of The Rats
Количество просмотров: 88
Количество сообщений: 0

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